The Most Romantic Wedding Event Ever!

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Suzanne Coleman

Bachelor and Bachelorette fans, there is a huge surprise wedding event this Sunday on ABC.  Everyone is talking about who it can be!  The previews don’t tell us, but expect us to wait and see…

I’m betting on cute little Jade and her boy Tanner, what do you think?  They were on a recent show and said that they expected to be getting married in the next few months, well, here it is!  Did anyone think they’d last this long?  How cute 🙂

I have to ask you fans one thing, how likely do you think it is that two people who both posed naked in “Playboy/Playgirl” would meet, fall in love and end up saying “I do?”  I mean, what is the probability of that?

It’s funny if you think back to when we all met Jade a couple of years or so ago, and she revealed her big secret of having posed for money, people were shocked!  No one really knew what to think.  She endured lots of judgement.

And then, were you guys there when she and Tanner met on the “Bachelor in Paradise” and he said that HE TOO had posed for “Playgirl?!”  I was literally like, you are freaking kidding me!  It was hilarious and totally unexpected.  But I guess it was true!  Having that in common certainly helped them to make a connection.

They clicked after that and were almost inseparable, and now it seems that they are taking the walk to make the vows.  Wow.  I want to wish them best of luck, they both seem like very decent human beings who get along really well and have good chemistry.

Tune in on Sunday to see who is getting married, will it be Jade and Tanner?  Or some other couple?  Maybe Chris Harrison has found himself a new bride?!  Let’s find out together as they bring us the MOST DRAMATIC WEDDING OF THE SEASON!  😉

Ben H. chosen to be the next “The Bachelor!”

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

Hey guys, I just heard that Ben H. who Kaitlyn let go just this Monday is supposed to be the next Bachelor!  Wow, what a cutie that guy is 🙂  I think that should be a good show.  I just hope he shows a little more emotion and personality than he did on this season.  He’s got the looks, that is for sure.

Chris and Whitney are OVER!

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Suzanne Coleman

I know there are a few people out there who might be surprised by this, but I’m thinking that most of you are NOT.  Chris and Whitney are OVER, yes OVER!  But were they ever really together?  Who knows.  “The Bachelor” has gotten to be so hard to believe, it’s too bad.  So many of the loyal viewers are tired of the fakeness of the contestants and want to bring back the reality to the reality show.  How about someone who is truly looking for love and is a good person?  Would people still watch if it wasn’t all about looks and fun locations?  I don’t know but I challenge another network to find out, I believe it would be a successful show.  While watching contestants explore exciting locations is fun, the premise of the show is relationships and love, not lying and manipulation to get attention…

As far as this past season’s contestants, I feel bad for Chris, he seems funny and intelligent in his blog posts, yet on the show he comes across as stiff and awkward with no emotions.  Maybe he can work with someone to bring out the real him over time.

Whitney would be a perfect current Bachelorette, she is fake, fake, fake.  (Sorry girl, but I’m not going to lie.  You might lie to yourself, but I won’t enable you there.)  I’ll bet she can find herself plenty of men who like superficial girls, no problem!  The question is, will those relationships last?  I think we have some real answers to that now.



No Surprise Here… Whitney Still Working in Chicago

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Suzanne Coleman


Hmmm… as many people expected Whitney did not quit her job and uproot her life to go and live with Chris in Iowa.  Am I surprised?  No.  Read more at the link:

Did she say she would move to Iowa and live with him right away?  I don’t remember to be honest, but she sure gave that impression, didn’t she?  Personally, I think it’s smart to take things slow, especially under these circumstances, I mean, relationships are hard enough, but meeting somebody on a reality show?  That’s just crazy.  If it works out, congrats to them both!

Becca, Becca, Becca, oh Whatever Will Become of Thee?

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Suzanne Coleman


There is a lot of talk about Becca.  I’m surprised actually at how much.  I thought she handled herself really well on the final episode of “The Bachelor,” but now it’s become this major controversy in the Bachelor world!

Lots of people are asking, “Did Chris really want to be with her, but let her go anyway?”  From what I saw, I don’t think so.  He seemed pretty comfortable to end things with her, and he seemed pretty happy to be with Whitney in the end.  But, who can say for sure but he himself?  If you have his phone number, we can call him up and ask him 🙂

Becca wasn’t sure about him all-along, and thankfully she was honest with him about it.  So they both parted ways on to better and greener pastures for themselves, without each other.  Very reasonable.  Probably actually the most adult and reasonable behavior we’ve seen on the show this season!  Maybe that’s why it threw people off 🙂  I mean, no one was throwing a fit, sobbing, pointing fingers, or laughing heartily at another woman’s loss…

That’s all I wanted to say for now, add your thoughts in the comments below.



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Chris and Whitney, will there be a Prenup?

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

So now that “The Bachelor” Chris Soules has given his final rose to Whitney with the funny voice, what’s next?  Will they live happily-ever-after like a few of the prior “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” survivors?  Or will their relationship degrade into something hostile and nasty, like so many others?

It’s hard to say.  After watching the final show which I blogged about live (see it here: ), I started to wonder.

Whitney was just too “perfect;” it bugged me.  Everything she said was mushy and over the top, they just kept showing her saying how she was totally in love with Chris, over and over, and over again.  I wonder if he actually knows much of anything more about her?  Well, love isn’t necessarily in the details, now is it?  But for a long-lasting relationship, doesn’t there have to be more than attraction and being in close-proximity to your partner?

With these reality TV shows it is so hard to know the difference between what is truly real, and what the producers want us to think is real.  There is so much discussion over this very thing!

I was wondering if they will draw up a prenup if they do go forward and get married.  What do you think they will or should do?  I mean, here is a guy who I have heard is a millionaire, and a girl who goes for it to land him.  Is it real?  Is this worth betting half of (or more if they have kids!) your net worth now and for the rest of your life on?  Tough call.

I guess they could both be in it for the money though.  He got a big TV show deal just recently to be on “Dancing with the Stars” and she could be very rich very quickly at the rate they’re going if she divorces him and they don’t have a prenup.  I know, it’s not very romantic, but it is very realistic.  Most of the people who are willing to go on a televised show like this are more interested in the publicity and what they can get out of it career and money-wise than in actually finding a real, solid relationship.

What do you guys think?  Is anyone else wondering the same thing?  Let me know  in the comments


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The Bachelor Makes His Final Pick, or Does HE?

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman


It’s finally here girls!  “The Bachelor” Chris Soules is faced with “the biggest decision EVER!” when he has to pick between two girls he sort-of knows to be his future fiancée.  What WILL HE DO?!

I’ll be live blogging the event like I did for “The Women Tell All” so here we go (refresh the page as needed)!

The show starts out with Whitney at Chris’ house, she’s putting on a good show.  She says all the right things and does all the right things, and everybody just LOVES her!  Is that real?  (I already can’t stand her voice… I am trying…  If you haven’t already seen my article on her VOICE, check it out here!  It’s a must read:

Then after Whitney is gone, the family asks Chris about Becca, and he gets all choked up.  Aw… 🙂  It seems like his family is already rooting for Whitney though.  Come on guys, give Becca a chance at least!

It seems like Chris is under a lot of pressure to marry from his family.  I hope he doesn’t jump into something he really isn’t feeling, that wouldn’t be right for him or for whomever he chooses.  He sure has a lot of guys pulling for him though, that’s nice to see.


And we’re back!  The family is chatting about meeting Becca today.  They are worried that he isn’t totally sure which girl he wants, yet.  He is talking about how the girls would be willing to move to Iowa.  That whole thing seems like it’s really one-sided to me, it’s all about Chris and not about the other person’s needs or interests.  If you’re in love, you’re in love, it isn’t a business arrangement where you’re hiring a new partner… but that’s just me.

Now it’s Becca’s turn.  Aw, here she is, so cute.  They  kiss.  She’s nervous, of course, to meet his family.  It’s a critical moment for their relationship.  Wow big group!  That would make anyone nervous.

Chris is saying he loved Becca’s family and he thinks they would mesh together well.  They apparently loved him when he was at her home town visit.

Becca tells his family what she thought about their town.  It was… small lol.  She’s cracking up his family joking about the weekend entertainment in their town being everybody heading out to hang at the post office lol.  She says she’ll tell her family not to e-mail but to write her letters instead…

Becca opens up with the ladies in Chris’ family, telling them her concerns about how she isn’t ready to start having kids right away.  She then says she wouldn’t move to Arlington (his home town) until she is SURE that it’s right for HER.  I see the family close off when she says that.  Maybe I’m imaging it…  Ooops, nope.  The family says they don’t want someone who isn’t totally sure.  Well…

One of the ladies says “well she (Becca) has to give you something.”  Seriously, like uprooting her life and moving to another state isn’t a freaking huge deal?  Hmmm…  I think it’s a huge deal.  The family’s viewpoint is so one-sided.  I can see this not going well with Becca.  I think she’d be better off with people who respect her as an individual and not just as someone’s wife.

Becca has a private chat with Chris’ mom, who seems very kind and sincere.  His mom points out that Becca’s feelings just might mean that she is already in love with him, and maybe she isn’t ready to really deal with that yet.  But personally, I think it could be lust or attraction and not love, that makes you feel the things she is feeling…

Chris and Becca kiss goodbye.  She says, that thinking of not being with Chris forever is just scary to her.  There are lots of decisions to be made and they will need to talk, she says.

She’s gone and they’re back to the family.  That guy in the beard is a wise man.  He says that you can’t necessarily analyze love, it’s a gut feeling in your heart and you just have to go with it.

Here with Chris H., he sees what I did, that Chris S.’ family seems to be leaning strongly towards the girl who’s ready to start popping out those little farmer babies!  🙂  (That’d be Whitney.)

Aaaaannndddd, we’re back.  Chris H. says we should get ready for something shocking that’s never happened before.  A girl next to him covers up her smirk, yes Chris we HAVE heard that one before!  But then he says, Chris S. has one last date with each of the girls to help him make a decision…  ok Chris H., we’ll give you that one.  Though it’s not really what I’d call “SHOCKING”…

So here we are Chris S. and Becca somewhere very private together.  What do you want Chris? she asks.  “I want everything that you can give me…”  She says that she is “falling in love” with him.  He really wants to know if she can see a real future together with him in his life…  how does she feel?  Good question Chris!

She’s not ready.  It seems like she wants to know the future, that it will work out for sure before she commits to moving to Arlington.  That’s smart, but also maybe too fearful.  She can always move there and then change her mind later.  She is feeling the pressure and getting upset…

Maybe she IS too young for him.

He asks her “why don’t you feel like you are in love with me?”  She doesn’t have a good answer and is just confused it seems.  She says that maybe her confusion is because this is the first time that she’s felt this way and been in this situation.

The one thing that she is sure about is that she wants him.  That’s the one thing.

He’s doing a good job of trying to understand where she is really at with their relationship, but I think she just needs more time to learn and grow to be in the place that he needs her to be.  Maybe 2-3 years… what do you guys think?

Now, she identifies that she can’t picture what SHE would do in Arlington.  She is a good person, smart and thinking about her future and what will make her happy.

Becca is so cute, I love her hair…

Chris is talking about how he is torn.  It seems like he knows Becca isn’t ready, and he isn’t really willing to wait.  I think he knows he has to let her go and that it’s going to hurt her and that’s why he’s really upset and torn up.

Now time for a commercial:  “Groove is in the heart” is playing… sure seems like a lot of good music from the old days is coming back…

It’s time for Chris’ final date with Whitney.  In a corn field, in winter… brrrrr!  Apparently it’s his farm.  His dad joins them and they climb on a giant piece of farm equipment.  They go out in the field and harvest corn.  He teaches her what they do with the corn.  He looks pretty happy to have her there with him.  Maybe the rumors are true and she is the one?

They take a romantic ride through the cornfields together and he shows her all of his land (eh, about 800 acres).  He takes her back to his place…  It’s a nice regular house.

She gives a speech about how it’s all so perfect and she knows it’s right and he’s right and … they kiss.  He looks very happy.  Looks like a match to me.

Back from another commercial.  Whitney is still telling him how she’s sure she wants to be with him and she’ll be happy in Arlington…  He said he’s pretty happy how things went with her and he’s pretty comfortable now…  i.e. he is going to pick her.  (At least that’s how it is seeming to me.)

She explains that this is how she would want to feel if she was in love with someone, HUH?  Wait you mean, you’re not in love with him?  Hmm.. maybe she is playing him and all of us too!

He asks her how she is so certain of them together.  She says she thought he was attractive on “The Bachelorette” so you know, that’s all she needed.  Jk, she starts out with that but then goes on and on about how she wants to be with him etc.   Ok, let’s move on, I’m sure I’m boring you with them by now…

Lol he’s so good with words.  🙂  They kiss some more.   She talks.  Semi-dramatic music plays ever-so-slowly in the background as she goes on and on and on… dramatic music comes to an end, the audience is clapping somewhat wildly.

And we’re back.  The camera pans over flat and not-very-interesting Iowa in the winter.  That’s ok Iowa, we’re not much better.  Chris is shown pondering without his shirt on.  Bonus.

More dramatic music plays.  Whitney is standing, thinking, in front of a pond.  Chris is shown staring out of his window into the sunrise.  There is a knock on the door, it’s a shocking surprise, the ring guy is here!

Chris’ voice is saying he’s actually still not sure which girl he wants to be with.  Uh oh…  the music is getting much more dramatic!  He then says, you’re not human if you don’t question who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.  He’s bucking up!

The girls are getting all dressed up now, Becca’s dress is a gorgeous deep red and Whitney’s is a blue-purple gown.

HAHA!  they show that he’s going to propose in a barn, that’s hilarious.  It’s all fancified, but still, it probably smells like animals and hay.  I hope the girls are not allergic!  He says something about this is where he raises his pigs I think.  HAHA!  Hilarious.

[Since we’re on commercial I thought I’d let you know that the most searched terms for tonight’s blog have to do with…  you guessed it!  Whitney’s voice. 🙂 ]

oh GAWD Chris H. comes on and says  “stay tuned for ‘After the Final Rose’ because what happens there will CHANGE EVERYTHING.”  The whole audience groans.  He says it’ll be amazing…  Yeah, we’ll see Chris…  we’re totally on to you.

Here comes limo #1 while Chris S.’ voice runs over the images.  It’s Becca, red velvet dress.  Sweet.  Pretty scene with the light hitting her air and a bit of wind blowing in the microphones.  He’s saying “I don’t want to say goodbye…”   I wish my hair looked like that!  😉  (Hers, not his!  haha)

Chris is about to break Becca’s heart.  Aw, this is the hard part to watch.

He’s telling her how great they could be together.  Way to build her up before you destroy her.  He starts to cry.  She is starting to see, it’s not going to be her tonight.

“You’re not really ready,” he tells her.  “I have to go with my heart.”  She looks mad. No tears from her, yet.  He’s saying nice things to her about appreciating having met her family and “been with” her.

She’s so calm.  Wow.  She communicates so well.  She will be an amazing partner for someone one day, for real.  She says nice things back to him.  She’s got a great head on her shoulders, congrats to her family and to her.

He breathes a sigh of relief that she didn’t sob and wail and make it even harder than it probably already was.  They hug and walk out hand in hand into the light of the late-day sun.  Piano music plays slowly.  The camera shows that the final red rose, is not going to be shown in front of a velvet red dress.  The limo drives away, leaving Chris standing there, very much alone.

Becca is in the limo.  Will she cry?  Beautiful scene of the Iowa landscape.  Nope, no crying yet.  She’s so together.  Now they show her talking.  She thinks she’s “in a state of shock.”  She says she can’t process it right now.

She asks if she will ever find the right person if it wasn’t him.  Don’t worry honey, you will, just give it some time.

We’re back from commercial.  A horse neighs, Chris S. lets out a deep sigh as he waits alone in the barn, his breath showing in the cold air.  Whitney is driving up in the limo as a haze hangs over the top of the corn fields on either side of the road.

Whitney is very nervous and is having trouble breathing as she talks to Chris H. outside of the barn.  He sends her in with his traditional “good luck.”

She knows what she wants, she says, but it’s a two-way street.  She’s in the barn with Chris S. now, and she’s shaking and breathing with difficulty.  She looks cute.  She’s talking to him like a girl who’s about to get married.  Saying how she feels and how much she feels for him and has enjoyed their journey.

“I love you so much,” she says and kisses him.  He sighs.  She looks down.

He takes his turn to talk.  He says one of the best days of his life was when she got out of the limo in the beginning, and they got to crash that wedding.  He says his family’s reaction to her told him a lot.  Their relationship is “so natural” and it “feels so perfect,”  long pause… “and that’s what I want for the rest of my life.”

She relaxes and is so happy!

“I love you,” “will you marry me?” he says down on one knee.  “Absolutely” she says, “oh my god.”  He puts on the ring, she looks at it and is like, yeah that’s good, jk lol!  And then she kisses him.

They kiss a bunch, then he laughs that crazy laugh… and they sit together talking and kissing on a hay bale lol!  They are sitting with their legs hanging out of the side of a big opening in the red barn wall.  So cute!  What a great setting for a sweet proposal.

And he gives her … the final rose!   Stay tuned for more live blogging from “After the Final Rose!”  Thanks for being here.

Here it is, “After the Final Rose!”

Chris H. and Chris S. are talking.  It sounds like things are going well between Chris and Whitney.  So, I’m not yet sure what the massive surprise is going to be!  Maybe they already got married?  Maybe she is pregnant?  Hmmm… who knows!  Stay tuned. 🙂

Chris H. asks S. about Becca.  Were you really in love with her?  He tries to answer but has some trouble.  He says there were some great things about her, but in the end she just wasn’t where he needed her to be for it to move forward.  He explains that he is 33 years old and she wasn’t really there yet.

Becca joins Chris S. on the “hot couch.”  She says it was really hard to watch that episode back.  She felt it was really difficult for her near the end.  He said, heck yeah, same for me.

She really respected him for how he handled things at the end.  They both appreciated each other’s honesty.  So IMPORTANT!

Becca talks about her not wanting to ever mislead Chris during the process.  He appreciated that.  Becca jokes that maybe it was crazy for her to come on a show like this without having ever been in love!  Chris H. makes a joke about that and everybody laughs.

Chris says that they had an undeniable chemistry from day one.  Becca says she is very thankful that the show really taught her what to look for and that she can be open to finding love and not be so closed off.  Chris H. says he doesn’t think that Becca will have any trouble finding love after this and they all laugh and she says thanks.

Whitney comes out and she and Chris S. talk.  She shows the camera the pretty ring that he got her, nice!  She’s wearing a super cool sheer dress covered in a silvery print.  Love good fashion.  They seem super happy together, what more could anyone ask for?!  I guess those darn rumors about him picking her were right after all!  You never know… I sure wish people wouldn’t give the endings of shows away though.

Aw… she is describing how the final moment, the proposal, made her feel.

[During this, yet another, commercial break I want to give a big shout out to my Bachelor fans, you guys are THE GREATEST!  Thanks for reading my blog!   I’d love to hear your feedback, let me know what you like, what you don’t and if there are any other shows you want to have me blog about.]

And, we’re back!  Whitney is telling Chris how she didn’t watch the show, except for their dates.  She explains that she wouldn’t want to see the man she is in love with dating other women, plus she lived it.  She feels “confident in what they have.”  Smart lady.  She says she really appreciated how he made sure that the other girls were NOT the right ones before picking her, and how that makes her more confident in what THEY have between them.

Omg his parents come walking up the road after the proposal.  They are so very happy; his mom is crying.  They look like a very happy group of people.  She talks about how they’re going to be making some babies pretty soon!  lol

Now back to our host, Chris H.  He picks out Ashley S. (the goofy, spacey, weird girl from the season, you know, the onion and the pomegranate…) and asks her about whether she will be on “Bachelor in Paradise” and she says, maybe… I guess that’s a big commitment from her lol.  🙂  It was pretty awkward.  I guess that show will have a lot of good stuff to blog about lol if it’s anything like last season’s!

OOOooo back to Whitney.  Chris H. busts her for visiting Chris S.’ family.  She broke the rules, but she had a good time doing it she says.  I wonder what her contract says about that…

Oh no lol it’s Jimmy Kimmel.  Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s more weird and creepy… to each their own I guess!  Jimmy takes all of the credit for making this match happen, unless it doesn’t work out.  🙂  He is funny tonight, so far.

He points to Ashley S. and says she thinks she’s on “The Price is Right” right now. lol.  Chris S. lets out a big dolphin laugh at that one.  I feel waves crashing around me.

It must be crazy for Chris and Whitney to be sitting next to someone that famous.  I guess that’s what happens with reality tv!

Jimmy throws out a bunch of one-liners, one disses Chris and the crowd goes “ooooo.”  Jimmy has a surprise for them.  Is this the “shocking surprise?!”  It’s a huge black and white COW holy crap!  Jimmy says he has named it Juan Pablo.  LOL!  “He doesn’t speak any English,” he says.  Funny.  How are they going to get THAT back to their house lol?!

Ok we’re back from commercial.  Chris H. is about to announce the new Bachelorette.  Will this also be what was rumored?  He says “The Bachelor” staff were split down the middle and couldn’t decide, so they’re throwing it out to us.  The options are:  Britt or Kaitlyn.  From the crowd’s response here I guess it’s Kaitlyn.  Aw, I was hoping for Becca.  Oh well, I know I’ll end up watching anyway.

Ooo, WAIT!  Chris H. says there will be TWO BACHELORETTES!  Ok, is he serious?  No WAY?!  Ok, Chris H.  THAT ACTUALLY IS SHOCKING!!  Finally.  lol 🙂

He goes on to say that the 25 men will decide which girl they want to be the Bachelorette on the first night!  Hoooooooly cow!  lol He says “sometimes I’m actually being honest when I say it’s going to be a shocking moment.”  Yes, Chris, yes you are.

After that Chris H. chats with both girls.  At one point, Kaitlyn says that both of the girls will be in the hot tub together at some point…. hmmm, the boys are all in now!

Gotta mention Kaitlyn’s dress, WOW gorgeous.  Very sparkly.  Britt’s is too.  Nice.

Chris reports “heated debates” behind the scenes about the two girls they were choosing between.  Well, I think it’s led to an interesting twist in the show.  Way to keep things interesting guys and gals over there at ABC!  Thanks for the entertainment, we are enjoying following it along with you all.

Chris H. signs off and reminds us that “Bachelor in Paradise” will air again this summer and we’d all better be there!

Have a great night all, thanks for following along with me, I hope that you enjoyed reading this LONG blog lol!  🙂  Take care of yourselves.

[Note, I’m watching Jimmy Kimmel on his show now.  He did a  funny bit on how they make the kissing sounds for each type of kiss on T.B.  Ok, I guess he’s funny 😉  I wish I had that job!  lol That would be fun.]

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Wow, Britt was SO being fake!

The Bachelor Gossip, framed



Suzanne Coleman

OK guys, now I have to say something after seeing Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor, The Women Tell All.”  Now, if you’ve been following my blog so far, you know what I’ve been thinking about a few of the girls on the show.

I generally liked Britt, even though she was clearly a bit self-centered when she grabbed all of the attention on the group date after the other girl got the rose and not HER.  She did realize later that she was being selfish though, so I forgave her for that.  No one is perfect, heck no one is even close…

But now that I think about things again after seeing her on Monday night’s episode, things have become clearer.  It now seems like her saying how selfish she was about the whole episode was her being fake in another attempt to get attention.  And then, this comes to mind too.  I remember her telling the other girls about how she and Chris S. spent two hours alone together in HIS ROOM…”napping”… that was pretty rude, and not very classy either.  It’s not like they were her close friends whom she would tell EVERYTHING about her relationship.  No, not at all.  The truth is, she told them to make them jealous.  And, it worked.

When I watched Monday’s episode, it became really obvious to me that she was full of something.  I’m sure she probably did have some real feelings for Chris at the time they were together.  I mean, they sure seemed to have good chemistry, even if we didn’t see much of anything else between them.  That’s enough to make it hurt when things don’t work out, I think we all know.  But it’s been months now, and the pain from that short fling has likely faded.

Instead of seeing a girl in pain over an old relationship that didn’t work out, I saw a woman who seemed calculated and manipulative in her behaviors.  Throughout most of the episode she demanded that all of the attention be on her.  I’ve never seen a “Tell All” that spent so much time on one person!  The rest of the show was just bits and pieces of other people’s concerns.  Her crying was definitely fake.  It may have started out a bit real, but after that, it wasn’t.  Even Chris H. could tell, he is very intelligent and he always leads people in the best way he knows how, and he was trying to get her to stop faking it lol.  But she just kept on milking it, often looking up to make sure that someone or something was looking at her.  When you’re crying you don’t pause, look up deliberately, then look down and start fake crying again.  At least I don’t…

I know lots of people still like her.  She is a beautiful young woman, no doubt.  She is working very hard to further her public career, and this show is a great platform for that.  I don’t want to take that away from her, but really, she isn’t being REAL with us.  I mean, the whole sleeping in your makeup thing is a pretty good clue that she either has some really serious issues with herself, or she is super concerned about how she looks on camera at all times.

While watching the series you could tell that many of the girls did not like Britt, and some called her out on being fake and self-centered.  Now we know why.  Maybe this helps explain Carly’s behavior a bit more.  It’s hard to say who is being real on the show, until you see something that makes you say “ah HA!”

I have to say though, if I was the director/producer of that episode I would have pulled Britt down off of that throne, uh, I mean stage, and focused more attention on the other stories we all wanted to see unfold that evening.

Now, I guess we can all wait to see what happens on the finale.  What do you think, Whitney vs. Becca?  I know who I like the best!  🙂

OK, here goes, “The Bachelor, The Women Tell ALL!” IS ON NOW

The Bachelor Gossip, framed










Suzanne Coleman


OK guys!  I am going to give this live blogging a try!  We are all waiting for “The Bachelor, The Women Tell All” to begin!  I’ll keep writing here as the show goes along, hope it’s fun for you too 🙂  And here we go… it’s ON.

So it looks like from the previews we’re going to see all the match-ups I thought we might!  It looks like a lot of DRAMA is about to UNFOLD!

Here were my predictions:


And, it begins…

Love those viewing parties, lol, the drunk girls, HILARIOUS!  Gotta love ’em 🙂


Kelsey vs. Ashley

OOooo Kelsey, bringing more drama…  nobody is up to HER standards.

Haaahaa Ashley burns her, saying Kelsey’s laugh is such a “fake laugh”  as she laughs as evilly as possible to demonstrate lol.


Carly… the word I don’t like to use.


Carly vs. Britt, it is ON.  Chris H. wasn’t ready…

Britt calls out Carly for being a FAKE FRIEND to her in the house.  That is NOT COOL of Carly at all.

I can’t believe Carly just said to Britt, “my friendship with you.”  Wow, you thought you were her friend?

Whoa!  Jillian speaks up and agrees that Carly was really mean and out of line at SO many times.  I guess Carly said some awful things about her in the limo on the way to the mansion in the very beginning of the show.  Jillian is really upset about how Carly acted towards her AND Britt and says that Britt is truly a nice person, but Carly… not so much.


Britt is on the hotseat now.

She’s getting the chance to answer the girls’ comments that went on about her behind her back.  She wants everyone to know she loves kids and totally wants them.  I guess they misunderstood something she said at one point and were talking about it behind her back.  That made her upset.

Now Carly jumps in (shocking).  Carly is trying to defend what she told Chris.  She says she was the third girl to tell Chris that Britt didn’t want to move to Arlington.  Then Carly starts rehashing the things Britt said.  Now Britt has to defend her thoughts that she WOULD be cool moving to a tiny town that Chris is from.

Britt is really emotional, she seems to still have feelings for Chris.

OMG they keep talking over each other… hard to follow!  Several girls seem to have some issues with Britt.  They think she was flip-flopping between what she told them and what she told Chris in private.

Chris Harrison steps in to end the bickering and redirect.  He asks Britt what she came on the show for.  She says she came on for love and she thinks that she was “this close.”  She is almost crying again.  She does seem like she is acting a bit at this point…

Britt cries more to Chris “off camera.”  Does this mean it’s real?  Not sure.  She may be acting…

She sits down and it’s obvious some girls don’t like her.  The one sitting next to her ignores her completely, while another offers a comforting hand on her shoulder.

On to:



(this girl bugs me…) “isn’t my story amazing, it’s tragic.  But it’s.. amazing.”  Ew, the really awkward forced kiss.

And then the ?panic attack? that leads to more special attention time for her from Chris.

LOL replay of the girls happy excitement when they are “immeasurably blessed” that Kelsey is OFF THE SHOW!  I think a few of us in the audience were feeling a bit of that ourselves as well.

OMG she is saying that being on this show for her was like when her husband died; she is saying things along that vein.  That seems like she is being very manipulative in order to gain sympathy…

Chris H. is giving Kelsey a chance to set things right.  Kelsey apologizes to Ashley for the things she said in anger as a response to her betrayal and seemed genuine.  Ashley seemed to accept the apology, but we are on a commercial…

…We’re back.. Juelia says Kelsey is the fakest person ever.  Juelia also had her husband die.  Now another woman talks about her father dying.  They both felt Kelsey was very fake and calculated.  They’re not alone…

Ashley might not accept her apology.  Chris H. asks her, well didn’t you also talk badly about Kelsey behind her back?  Ashley is like, “well… yeah lol.”

Jillian speaks up to defend Kelsey when others question if her marriage was even real.  Jillian is a very compassionate person.  And her earrings are AWESOME.

Kelsey cries and explains how hard it was to go through losing her husband.  She seems honest and genuine.  I think she is just a very different type of person than many others are and she is misinterpreted for that reason.  Britt* speaks up and tells the others they really need to stop saying things like Kelsey made her husband up (even if they are wondering about that); it just isn’t the right thing to do.  Ashley seems too young to understand?  But she seems to start to understand as she realizes Kelsey is for real.

We should remember compassion for others who are different.  Good reminder here.


Let’s talk Ashley S. says Chris

.…comedic relief time!    He says he has never seen someone like her before…

LOL it IS funny!  She brings Chris H. an onion lol (because she kept going on about an onion and its layers on the show)!  He says it’s the best (and only) gift he’s ever gotten from one of the girls on the show.  Haha, he has a sense of humor.  She said she has started growing her own onions since the show.  For real..

When he asked her what was the deal with the pomegranate tree, she said she thought the tree looked fake (I can relate, we don’t see that kind of thing around here either) to explain why she was acting so goofy.

Her dress is awesome…

Funny jokes from the show, her with an ax and Chris Soules saying he doesn’t want to get murdered or something… lol.

Chris H. invites her to join “Bachelor in Paradise” and the crowd goes wild chanting “DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!”  Ashley S. doesn’t give an answer… we are to be held in suspense.


Ooo it’s Jade’s turn!

Chris S. seemed to really like Jade, until she told him she posed for playboy, and then showed him the pictures …and the video… ugh.  AWKWARD JADE.

Jade wants to ask Chris if he let he go because of the “nude modeling” or what?  She read on his blog that he felt like she wasn’t the girl that he thought that she was.  She was crushed, and is still upset talking about it now.  She wanted honesty, especially after she was so honest and trusting with him.

She wants closure.


Now on to Kaitlyn.

She says felt blindsided when Chris let her go.  Especially after he told her he was “falling in love with her.”  His favorite phrase that episode…  and btw when did they change it and allow the Bachelor to say how they feel?  They always used to make them stay silent about that.  Hmm, I feel like I missed something…

Up next, The Bachelor himself, Chris Soules.  It’s about to get juicy.


Chris Soules and Britt

They hug, it’s so sweet.

She wants to figure out what happened.  She was confused.  He says it wasn’t due to what Carly said, but to an overall lack of compatibility.  She says a bunch of nice stuff. It doesn’t seem to really flow with what she was expressing before…?  It didn’t really feel genuine.  Now I’m really not sure about her.  I think maybe she was just faking it to be on tv.


Chris S. and Kaitlyn

She wants to know what happened after he acted like he was really serious about her.  He says he has no “true explanation.”  He says he was “literally falling in love with three women,” and then something like “it was like throwing darts at a dart board.”  How ROMANTIC!  lol 🙂  Glad I’m not her.  Maybe it’s a farmer thing?


Chris S. and Jade

She confronts him, nicely.  She believed what he said, but now she’s not really sure.  He looks at her, no expression on his face…  She was upset (and still is) that he said he was “disturbed” by how different she seemed to him versus what her family told him about her.

He says that he was telling her the truth that it wasn’t about the playboy stuff she did/showed him.  Maybe I spaced out but I didn’t really hear much of anything helpful out of him in this case.  Again, this match-up seemed a bit fake and scripted, though Jade certainly seemed genuinely upset earlier… she was too easily placated by him when she confronted him.

Maybe what people say about the reality shows being scripted is true.


Back to Chris H.

Now, for some out-takes.  Yikes Chris S. has a weird laugh…  apparently, it’s like a dolphin.

Some out-takes are funny.  Some are a bit odd.

And that’s the show everybody!  They ask you to tune in next week for the, guess what, dramatic season finale.  😉



*Oops put the wrong name.  Had Carly, but it was Britt.  It’s corrected now 🙂



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Beautiful pink explosion of nature!  Original abstract art for your home or office, by Suzanne Coleman. ©Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved.

Beautiful pink explosion of nature! Original abstract art for your home or office, by Suzanne Coleman.
©Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved.















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Girls, What’s Going to go Down on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor, The Women Tell All?!”

The Bachelor Gossip, framedby,

Suzanne Coleman


It sounds like people are really ready to see some re-matches on the upcoming episode of “The Bachelor, the Women Tell All.”  Let’s take a look at the possible line-up:


Carly vs. Britt

Carly was told to take a hike after she told Chris that Britt was lying to him.  Did she care that she went home?  Not really.  She was more excited that Britt was sobbing outside of the mansion after she was let go.  Geez, where is the humanity??

Carly was saying in the limo on her ride outta there something like, why can’t I find someone and be happy?  Maybe it’s because you have no compassion for other people???  I don’t know girl…

Check out what I had to say before on good-ole Carly here:

and about Carly and Britt:


Kelsey vs. … Everyone??

Now, one girl I didn’t write about before because I have just recently started this whole blogging thing (and I am liking it!) was Kelsey.  But wow, there certainly is a LOT to say about this girl, now isn’t there?   I don’t know, maybe she is smart, but that doesn’t explain why she was SO WEIRD.

She was so manipulative and tried to control everything that happened.  I mean, she told Chris that her husband had died just so he would feel bad sending her home (not to like, let him get to know her better or something like that)…and then afterward she looks right into the camera, smiling, and says something like, “my story is so great” (her husband died, yeah, that sure is “great”…),”it’ll get me what I want” (to stay on the show).  Wow.  Not healthy or normal behavior Kelsey, sorry to say…  Most people also show some kind of emotion when talking about someone they loved that has died… and they don’t use their “story” to get men they obviously don’t really care about to keep them on a dating show!  (Can you hear me shouting there?  Yeah, well I am…a little bit.)

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what all goes down between Kelsey and the other women who were basically trapped in the house alongside her for weeks.  Yikes, that would be stressful, don’t you think?  And ew, since we’re on the topic of strange, what did you think about that forced kiss between her and Chris when she went to see him in his room?  OMG, so creepy… was I the only one who felt that way?  Let me know in the comments, PLEASE!


Jade vs. Chris

I am interested to see what Jade is going to say.  I think she was an interesting young lady.  She is certainly beautiful and has what seemed to be a really good personality.  I think there probably won’t be too much drama around her and how she told Chris she was a stripper and then showed him the naked pictures of herself…

Um, THAT was awkward!  Lol we’ll see if they bring it up again!

Here is what I had to say about good old Jade:


I think those are going to be the biggest possible conflicts we will see on the show this Monday night.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out!  See you there!



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Beautiful pink explosion! Original abstract art for the home or office, by Suzanne Coleman. ©Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved.















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