Here’s What’s Going to Happen Next Week on “The Bachelor”

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Suzanne Coleman

Ok, I can tell you what’s going to happen on next week’s Bachelor because Ben just told me, on the after show.  Seriously.

The big cliffhanger tonight was whether or not Olivia is FINALLY going to go home!  All of the girls are starting to talk to Ben about her behind her back, especially Emily who called her a bully.  Hmm… I’m not sure she’s a bully.  She has some communication issues, and maybe some other issues, but she doesn’t seem like she’s actually a bully.

So Emily was at her breaking point and went to spill the beans to Ben, crying.  Then the other girls felt they should chime in too.  So Ben was getting freaked out, did he really know Olivia, or not?!

The show ended at the rose ceremony with Ben asking for Olivia to come and talk to him while the girls waited, gasping, hoping to see her executed.  Oh, I mean sent home.  Too much of “The Tudors.”

Then they went on to the after show, which is filmed now, after the season is actually over and the outcome is known.  Ben was there and they asked him a bunch of questions, like is Olivia’s breath really awful?  Which he politely avoided answering.  He then said that the situation with Olivia was just like the situation with Nick on his season with him.  He said that he thought Nick was fine and they got along, but the other guys were really after him.  Then he said that’s the same thing that happened on this season with Olivia, that the girls are talking about her and that they don’t like her; he said it went on for weeks in the house.  Since this was the first time he heard about their issues with Olivia, he must keep her on longer for it to last for weeks.  He also said he kept her on for a while to figure out what was really true and what was just competitive feelings between the girls and Olivia.

That’s probably why the producers show all of the girls crying and really upset on the next episode.  They just couldn’t get rid of that Olivia!

On the after show they also showed that in the end Ben is in love with two girls and he seems to have trouble choosing one.  I am pretty sure this has happened before, more than once, but Chris Harrison said it’s a first for the show, so I’m guessing there’s more to the story and we’ll just have to tune in to find out the rest of it.

That was the last after party, they’re kind of fun, but I think they need to focus a bit more on content, and a bit less on the hard liquor.  Just saying…

In other news, Jubilee was sent home unceremoniously tonight.  That was a shocker!  Ben just turned on her.  I wonder about him.  He thinks he’s unlovable but the second someone has her own doubts, he sends her packing.  Maybe he should look into that a bit more.  I also think that Jubilee needs to get some counseling so she can get herself together.  She has a lot to offer but she needs to steady her self-esteem before she can be her best person.  I think she and Ben both have weakness in that area, so that’s probably why he let her go so easily.  He saw his own worst fears in her.

Also tonight I realized that Amanda looks almost the same as JoJo, no wonder I get confused…  Am I the only one?  🙂

Ok, it’s your turn to chime in, who do you think is right for Ben?  Who do you think are the two girls he falls in love with?  Let us all know in the comments!  See ya!


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  1. I agree 100% that Olivia stays. It is so obvious that I am shocked people even wonder (here’s how I know, among other things: I think they were referring to the fact that Ben clearly SAYS he is in love TO both girls, which I don’t think a Bachelor/ette has done yet. Usually both final contestants profess THEIR love, but he does not. So one girl will probably be really hurt since they don’t expect to hear that unless they’re The One. I would put my two cents in for who the final two are, but thanks to so many spoilers I come across unintentionally, I already know! So frustrating.


    • I agree with you about the spoilers, people should respect that no one wants to know, unless they ask. I have just started ignoring those people who try and say who it is, they might just be making it up to get attention. But yeah…


      • Have you heard who it is this time? I am pretty sure bc I have heard it multiple places, and even when I was Googling images for my blog! It is ridiculous. I know it is impossible to totally keep it a secret, but geez.


      • I have seen a name repeatedly but I don’t know. I’d rather not spread it either. What is your blog?


      • No, there is no way I would say it on here, don’t worry. Looking through comments to see people’s thoughts are what led me to stumble across it in the first place! But I am sure if you have seen it several places then we are thinking of the same person. Anyway, I just blog about personal stuff (past addiction, living abroad, love, being a mom, my current custody battle, my recent miscarriage- I am brutally honest, lol!) and every week I have been blogging about The Bachelor, to try something new (and its pathetic how much I know about it). But it is fun to write about my favorite show, so I am loving it! Though I do know I get rambly, but I have a lot to say. 🙂


      • Cool I’ll check it out 🙂

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