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Hi all, I just wanted to talk about “The Bachelor” a little bit.  For those of you who are watching, let’s talk about last night’s episode, shall we?

So if you watched, you saw the super cute and sweet young lady named Jade tell the Bachelor, Chris, about her past.  She was holding on to a big secret and it was time to tell it.  She had posed for “Playboy.”  She sat him down and they talked about it, she even showed him the pictures and video of it (I’m not sure why) and then he told her how it didn’t matter to him.  And then he cut her loose.

So, let’s talk about that.  I want to know what you all think.  Do you think she should have told him?  Do you think she should have showed him her pics and the video of her nude?  Do you think he let he go because of it, even though he, of course, said it wasn’t that at all…

Here are my thoughts on it all.  I think she should have told him, but much later in their relationship.  There was no need to tell him at this point as they are really just starting to get to know each other and find out if there is a connection between them.  If they found that they were in love and headed for a serious relationship (I know, this show isn’t really normal life…), I think that then she could tell him about it.

Should she have shown him the pictures?  In my opinion, absolutely not.  He didn’t ask to see them, and it was not necessary or appropriate.  That might have been the deal-breaker more than anything.  It would be so uncomfortable to be in a new relationship with someone, and to have them show you nude, and probably not so “artistic,” pictures of themselves.  And even video.  Besides making the other person very uncomfortable, they would have to question why you would want to show them these very personal photos of yourself.  Plus, you are really ruining the mystery in that aspect of the relationship.  Now, discovering each others’ bodies will be a bit, tainted.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong (or right) with her posing, that is her decision absolutely.  The human body is something that we all have, there is nothing shameful about it and we should never feel that there is.  But it is something special, which for her is now out there in the open and has changed the way that he looks at her and thinks about her.  I think that is unfortunate.

I wish her the best, and I hope she finds it.  I think she can do better than Chris anyway 🙂  I did really like what he said to her as he let her go, he told her that knowing her was “a gift.”  I think that is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever heard.



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Beautiful preserved oak savannah along Lake Michigan by Suzanne Coleman.  ©Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved.  Click on the link below to go to the shop.

Beautiful, preserved oak savannah along Lake Michigan, by Suzanne Coleman.
©Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved. Click on the link below to go to the shop.












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  1. I definitely think Jade should have told Chris. This could be the mother of his future children. Also, like he said, he is from a very conservative community. I also think there is more there than she has revealed. I just don’t think she fits the person that Chris is looking or. Now…there are three left. Becca, the youngest and most inexperienced. I think she fits what he is looking for…he thing is, is she ready? Without having any other boyfriends in her past, she may always wonder, what if? I think Kaitlyn is not ready to settle down either. There is a feeling about her that she is a little rough around the edges. Whitney….I think she is the best match. She showed she is fun (crashing the wedding) but serious and ready to settle down. Not having much of a family will allow her to put all her ties to Chris’ family. The only question is her career. Can she leave all the hard work behind her? I think she is the best choice. Oh, and for next seasons Bachelorette? It’s gotta be Carly….she had the cutest personality and can stand up under all that pressure!


    • Hi Linda, thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you about Whitney, she is a professional, it will be hard for her to leave that behind. I wonder what will happen on the next episode! I think the ones who are left all seem to be decent people which I like to see. I didn’t like Carly, as you can see in my other post on “The Bachelor Gossip” 🙂


    • dr anna rich says:

      I think he let tbe wtprong girl go she was the family,s chouce she is adorable and the three left over… well the nurse o lord her voice brrrr and she has a stiff upper lip and has a career far from the farm nono chris jade is it! The other one the virgin. That is risky as she does not form close relationship she may fall in love and want him to herself and he loves his family the cute little dancer well if it has to be one of the three she better be it he ought to call Jade bCk to the show but… it has already be decided too bad


      • Yeah, you never know. He might end up with Jade in the end! Maybe even after the show has ended.


      • ingsurfnpb says:

        Jade has nasty porno shots XXX rated all over the internet. That is what her brothers kept meaning she is wild. She is nasty and not from a good family. She showed the Playboy photos but she has very nasty sex shots: oral, frontal and sex behind video and photos. She forgot to mention those to Chris and I think he made the right decision to send her home. She did not belong to be there. I was disappointed in Bachelor that they would have permitted someone that did that on the show. Anyone can view these if they just google her name. She should be ashamed and I am very glad she got cut. If she just was asked to do Playboy that would have been one thing but I certainly would not have shown them to Chris out of good taste. She actually acted proud showing them…big mistake in my thoughts. But Chris of all people from a very conservative family and town she was not cut out for him in my opinion. Check it out for yourself.


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