Becca, Becca, Becca, oh Whatever Will Become of Thee?

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman


There is a lot of talk about Becca.  I’m surprised actually at how much.  I thought she handled herself really well on the final episode of “The Bachelor,” but now it’s become this major controversy in the Bachelor world!

Lots of people are asking, “Did Chris really want to be with her, but let her go anyway?”  From what I saw, I don’t think so.  He seemed pretty comfortable to end things with her, and he seemed pretty happy to be with Whitney in the end.  But, who can say for sure but he himself?  If you have his phone number, we can call him up and ask him 🙂

Becca wasn’t sure about him all-along, and thankfully she was honest with him about it.  So they both parted ways on to better and greener pastures for themselves, without each other.  Very reasonable.  Probably actually the most adult and reasonable behavior we’ve seen on the show this season!  Maybe that’s why it threw people off 🙂  I mean, no one was throwing a fit, sobbing, pointing fingers, or laughing heartily at another woman’s loss…

That’s all I wanted to say for now, add your thoughts in the comments below.



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