Texting and Driving, Teen Driver’s Ed that Saves Lives


Suzanne Coleman, MD

Wow, you guys have to see this!  This is amazing.  If you care about your kids and others, check this out now.  Some new drivers were put to the test in Belgium, see how amazing their idea is to save lives.

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Caleb Joins “Survivor!”


Suzanne Coleman, MD

Hi all!  Are you as excited as I am about seeing Caleb Reynolds from “Big Brother” on “Survivor?”  Omg, when I saw him in the season preview my mouth dropped open!  (Not like Olivia’s though, that would be scary.)

If you didn’t see Caleb on “Big Brother” he was the super built guy from the South who speaks in a nice Southern drawl 🙂  He does crazy karate or something like that and jokes around a lot.  He is a loyal player so that will be cool to see if he is true to himself or if he plays the game more strategically this time.

There have been a lot of people talking on facebook about how Caleb was obsessed with some of the women when he was on “Big Brother.”  It started of with Amber, who was beautiful, though a bit on the skinny side I think; she had green eyes and curly hair and was a gentle person.  He fell for her hard and fast and no matter what she did or said, he thought it was mutual.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t and it took him way too long to hear that she was telling him she wasn’t interested in him.

Through watching him with her and later when he talked about other girls it became obvious that his behavior was really obsessive.  There are a lot of people who get obsessed with other people, or ideas, or politics.  But there’s a point where it just isn’t healthy, for them or those around them.  That’s when you need to start thinking about getting help, like going to counseling.

When being obsessed becomes a problem, it’s probably some form of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.  You can see this in people who shoplift as well.  What they have in common is a feeling that they find hard to ignore, for example it might make them feel like they have to do something or be with someone.  It is hard for them to realize it is unhealthy, because they’ve been like this for a long time, and most likely they grew up with someone similar, so they think it’s normal.  These feelings that they can get can move them to act in ways they might not otherwise, like stealing, or harassing someone to relieve the pressure of the feelings they have inside.

There is treatment for this, and if someone chooses to check into getting help, they’ll likely grow a lot if they go to counseling.  It’s a great way to better understand one’s self and how they can be a better and healthier person, and it works.

So people have all been talking about whether or not Caleb has dealt with any of his obsessive issues.  They are wondering if he will start obsessing over anyone on “Survivor” this year.  If he does, how will it impact his game?  Will he put people off?  Will his obsessive loyalty be his end, or his strength?  You never know!  It all depends on him and the people he ends up playing with this season.

I know that I for one will be glued to the screen to find out!  Hope to see you there 🙂  Feel free to comment below.


Crazy Colorful New Art


Suzanne Coleman


Like pretty things?  Watch this crazy art as it morphs into different colors!  Backed by “You’re So Beautiful” from”Empire” (I know you like it!).


Or try this version, with faster color changing and no music!

Like what you see?  See more at http://www.artofageniusmind.com.  Works are available for purchase.  Please share the video!

More videos to come 🙂



These Guys have some SERIOUS SCORES to settle with Kaitlyn!

The Bachelorette Gossip, capitals regular font and verdana for %22gossip%22by,

Suzanne Coleman

Before we experience the insanity that is going to be Monday’s “After the Final Rose, The Men Tell All,” I think it’s time to take a step back and review what has happened with the men that are going to be on that show.  Now, remember, these are the poor guys that Kaitlyn rejected, often pretty badly.

Let’s start with Chris, the dentist, Cupcake.  This poor guy was whisked off on a super romantic date to the high cliffs of Ireland over-seeing the ravaging ocean.  On the cozy helicopter ride there, Kaitlyn was all over him, flirting and giving him all the right signals.  They land and start to have a meal, then somehow out of NOWHERE, this girl just dumps his sweet little behind.  This dude was smacked in the face blind-sided, there is NO DOUBT about it.  He was kicked in the face with the hind-hooves of a donkey breying.  That girl is about the worst breaker-uper I have ever seen, seriously, for real.

So she leaves the poor guy stunned and alone on the edge of a freaking cliff and he starts to sob like his whole life is OVER because she isn’t into him.  He steps near the edge of the cliff, like he’s about to jump, and the TV crew moves to pull him back when he steps back on his own.  Seriously, what was that all about?  That is pretty scary.  Dude needs to talk to a counselor and the producers need to keep these guys away from the edges of CLIFFS!!  I hope he’s there on Monday…

Ok, then there’s Joe.  Good old Joe, a little too slow to get into Kaitlyn’s… heart?  She slammed him upside the head with a heavy brick when she kicked him to the curb.  Complete blindside, it seemed to him, to us, maybe not so much.  The poor guy didn’t see it coming and he didn’t react well.  Will he give Kaitlyn the piece of his mind that she deserves?  Or will the show script it to something nice and pleasing?  (I.e. BORING)

Now, when she let Ben H. go, it wasn’t so bad.  It was during a rose ceremony and he was basically like, eh, ok.  It was no big deal.  It seemed pretty obvious that he was trying to make something work with Kaitlyn, but he wasn’t really feeling much of anything for her.  It seems like his past relationships may have messed him up to the point where he can’t really judge what he truly wants and needs.  The news is that he’s going to be the next bachelor, so I hope he finds a good match there.  He’s so young, he has time.

What about good ole Brady, will he even be there?  If he is, I bet Britt will be there too.  If so, will it all be about Britt and her pretty, pretty hair?  🙂  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  I can already imagine how it’s going to go down:  we get to watch as Britt tosses her hair around and tries to use her eyes to get what she wants; all of the while she’s saying “Kaitlyn?  Kaitlyn who?”

Oh gosh, who can forget about Clint and JJ?  (Well, to be honest, I almost did.)  These two were a show in and of themselves.  It’s too bad it got cut short when the, um, a**h*** Clint was finally seen for what he was by Kaitlyn, and got sent home.  Clint immediately turned on his supposed friend JJ and verbally and emotionally abused him.  What a dick.  I hope he gets the counseling he desperately needs.

The other UGH of the season, creeper Ian will be there according to the promos.  Really, I have ZERO interest in what this “person” has to say about anything or anyone.  NEXT!

I’m sure that the young-un Jared will be there.  Dude, PUHLEASEE shave that face!  O.M.G.  Dude.  Seriously.  Ok, that’s all.  He clearly wasn’t in love with Kaitlyn, unless you count puppy love.  That boy is way too young for an adult relationship, or at least that’s how he seems.  He’ll get there.

The rest of the guys didn’t really make enough of an impression on me to include them here.  I think Monday will be pretty interesting to watch, that’s for sure.  There will certainly be some CRAAAZY stuff going down.  I will see you there!


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Ben H. chosen to be the next “The Bachelor!”

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

Hey guys, I just heard that Ben H. who Kaitlyn let go just this Monday is supposed to be the next Bachelor!  Wow, what a cutie that guy is 🙂  I think that should be a good show.  I just hope he shows a little more emotion and personality than he did on this season.  He’s got the looks, that is for sure.

Apple Watch in the Shower?

Famous Girl on the Prowl.   © Suzanne M. Coleman, all rights reserved.

Famous Girl on the Prowl.
© Suzanne M. Coleman, all rights reserved.


Suzanne Coleman

Ok, this is really hilarious!  A day in the life with an Apple Watch, watch it here:


After I watched this hilarious video, I wanted to send a quick note to Joanna who put this video report together but I couldn’t figure out how to reach her.  The new era of communications…  anyway Joanna, awesome work!

On the down side, after this was done playing, the Wall Street Journal website flipped me to another video and stuck me in a loop so I couldn’t get back to this video’s page no matter how many times I tried to go back.  Ridiculous and strange behaviors.  I have also seen this on forbes.com.  Come on guys, if we want to read another article we will, don’t try and manipulate viewers, it’s nothing short of extremely creepy and annoying.

Like a little Music in your Day?

The-flash-logo-600x337; The Flash, By The CW (der.com/wp-content/uploads/the-flash-logo.jpg) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


Suzanne Coleman

Hey y’all.  Just wanted to share this little bit of heaven I came across on facebook earlier.  Take a couple of minutes and listen.  If you like harmony and cute men with deep voices, this is the right click for you lol 🙂


This clip features three of the starring men from CW’s series “The Flash.”  They are Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, and Rick Cosnett.  It’s a fun TV show with some good twists and comforting relationships based on superheroes, and supervillains.  Check it out sometime!  The last two episodes have been especially nice.  I won’t spoil it for you but the one before last is my FAVORITE 🙂

Man, I wouldn’t mine those guys serenading me sometime…  Hope you enjoy it!

Fun with Apple Watch, Before you can Touch it, You can Play with it


Suzanne Coleman

Hi all, I know some of you are eagerly anticipating the release of the new Apple Watch, coming soon to a store near you.  In the spirit of the moment, I wanted to share this fun website I found just the other day.

If you go to http://mixyourwatch.com you will see what I assume are all of the known designs of the watch’s components at this time.  You can mix and match the different components to make your “very own” watch.

For example, you pick a watch case and then choose which type of band you want to try it on with.  So you can pick a dark grey steel watch case, then one of many different materials and colors for the band.

Your choices:

For the case you have 3 choices of metal:  steel, aluminum, or gold (I’m sure this will be the cheapest one 😉 ).  The steel case comes in 2 different color tones, both of which are quite attractive.  One is like a grey chrome, very shiny.  The other one is a darker grey and seems less reflective, which may simply be due to the deep, rich color tone.  The aluminum cases appear to be brushed aluminum, which means that they have a flat, non-reflective appearance.  The silver-colored aluminum one is as you would expect a flat-surfaced aluminum to appear.  The dark grey aluminum one on the other hand has a deep mysterious quality to it.  The gold case comes in both a yellow and a rose-colored gold.  Both versions are shiny and polished gold.  I personally like that rose-colored gold one, but I don’t think it will come in my current price range 🙂

Now on to step two, selecting the band.  The fun part here is that you can try on any watch case with any of the 21 shown band styles and colors.  There are 3 different types of bands, fluoroelastomer (did they make this word up?), leather (yes, I’ve heard of that one), and steel (that one too).

The fluoroelastomer (my spell check is also wondering if this is real word) band is made of some type of manufactured material, like a plastic or rubber, and comes in 5 colors from basic to florescent (hmm…).  Your choices of color are sky blue, black, white, salmon, and florescent yellow-green.  I wonder if that stems from the current neon style trend?  Anyway, I’m sure there will be additional after-market band options as well from a variety of manufacturers, just like with iPhone cases etc.

The leather bands come in 8 color choices and two textures, but they don’t overlap.  In the flat leather you have beige, medium brown, medium grey, coral, and black.  The other three leather bands are a ribbed and textured leather.  They come in three different colors, off-white/tan, dark tan, and greyish blue.

There are also 3 metal bands.  One is a silver mesh and the other two are jointed bands that come in silver and grey tones.


Some looks I personally find pretty appealing are the following combos:

– dark grey aluminum watch case with black fluoroelastomer (FE) band

– lighter grey steel case with black FE band

– darker grey steel case with black FE band

– darker grey steel case with white FE band

– yellow gold case with white FE band

– either aluminum case with medium grey leather band

– all cases with the black leather band

– dark aluminum with the off-white/tan leather band

– dark aluminum case with the ribbed blue leather band

– all of the cases look pretty nice with the mesh metal band

– dark aluminum case with the jointed grey metal band

– light steel and dark aluminum cases with the silver jointed metal band


And second tier choices for me would be:

– light aluminum case with either the white or yellow-green FE band

– darker steel case with yellow-green FE band

– yellow gold case with black FE band

– dark aluminum case with beige leather band

– rose gold case with beige leather band

– both steel cases with the medium grey leather band

– rose gold case with medium grey leather band

– yellow gold case with coral leather band

– either steel case with the off-white/tan leather band

– dark aluminum case with the ribbed brown leather band

– yellow gold case with the ribbed blue leather band

– both steel, light aluminum, and rose gold cases with the grey jointed metal band

– dark steel, light aluminum, and rose gold cases with the silver jointed metal band


Overall I think I like the mesh metal band and the white bands the best.  For the cases I seem to be drawn to that dark aluminum one, which is great, because I might actually be able to afford it.

What do you guys think?  Are you liking the idea of a computer on your wrist?  Do you like the fashion-look of this product?  Let me know in the comments.




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Pic of the Day


Hi guys, I’m going to be doing pic of the days every so often, so here is today’s, one of my FAVORITE ones!

fall at ryerson, s13, x.. b26, h-134, signed base of tree, SMALL 500, L211, sig

Beautiful purple forest, by Suzanne Coleman. © Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved.



















Famous Girl, Searching for Clues

Famous Girl on the Prowl.   © Suzanne M. Coleman, all rights reserved.

Famous Girl on the Prowl.
© Suzanne M. Coleman, all rights reserved.

What do you think she’ll find?



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