Farewell Olivia!

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

Well ladies, the time has finally come for us to bid dear Olivia adieu.  Ben decided to let her go this evening on a two-on-one date with himself and Emily.

If you watched, you saw what happened.  And I don’t know about you, but I thought it was kind of mean to lead Olivia on by bringing the rose with them when he took her away from Emily to a private spot at the end of the two-on-one date.  What’s a girl to think except that he’s going to actually GIVE her the rose?!  Hmmm… well, he didn’t.  He dumped her instead.  The poor girl, she had just told him that she was in love with him.  He left her standing there holding back her sobs in the middle of some jagged rocks with the ocean storming in the background and walked away back to a very unattractively-gloating Emily.  😦

Another piece of business I want to get to, those people on facebook who are going around “revealing” the ending of the season.  Not cool.  I have decided to ignore them, and I am glad that I did for they were all saying that it was Lauren H. who he ended up with, which made no sense since those two have barely even made eye contact on the show.  Tonight that suspicion was confirmed as he sent her home and they both acted like strangers when they parted.

The third girl to get sacked was one who really deserved it.  Her name was Leah and I don’t know if we’ve even heard from her before tonight.  She knew she was on the chopping block with Ben and decided that instead of spending time letting him get to know her better, she should spend their time badmouthing the girl he seemed closest too.  Logical, I know.  Poor Lauren B. was her target, and she hadn’t done anything wrong except feel a strong connection with Ben on the group date that the other girls could unfortunately see as the pair was bobbing in the ocean close together in front of all of them.  So in the end Ben sent Leah packing, he just didn’t feel anything special for her and his gut told him she was full of shi*.  I think she could learn a lot from this, but then again, Emily did the same thing, badmouthing Olivia, and she got to stay.  Who knows what Ben is thinking…

Emily is too insecure and immature for any real relationship at this point, as she showed over the last 2 episodes.  She obsesses over other people instead of building her own real relationship.  Maybe it’s her way to avoid real situations and the possibility of getting hurt?

Ben went on his one-on-one tonight with Caila, a girl I honestly forgot was even on the show.  She seemed really shallow and fake when she was talking with him about her sincere feelings for him.  If that’s the case I hope he doesn’t end up with her.  Of course, it could just be the editing…

Ben and Becca seem to have some real chemistry, and share the same belief system it seems, a good basis for a long-term relationship like a marriage.  Maybe she’ll be his final rose?

JoJo is getting sucked into the whirlwind of it all and is feeling overwhelmed.  She is afraid she will get hurt because she likes Ben too much.  Hang in there JoJo, we all know how that feels.

That my friends concludes tonight’s after-summary of “The Bachelor!”  Stay-tuned for more insights and the scoop as the season progresses.  Post your thoughts below, I love to hear from you.  🙂

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  1. How about the previews of the rest of the season which were shown at the end of this episode. It says Ben is in love with 2 girls. Which two do you think?

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