What happened to the EMPIRE?!


Suzanne Coleman

Hey guys, just a note to say that no, “Empire” was not on last night!  You can breathe easy now, you did not miss one thing!  They are playing the world series baseball tournament on FOX so it bumped it.  If the series goes past 7 games it might bump it next week from what I heard (might be wrong).  So hang in there and catch up online on fox.com if there’s anything you missed or want to see again!  Or, read some of my blogs from last season.  🙂  Take care all.

Bye Bye Nick! :(

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Suzanne Coleman

I know some of you might be happy to see Nick go, but as a member of Team Nick, I have to say, “BOO!”…  But I’ll get over it 🙂

In the end Kaitlyn picked Shawn, I guess all of the spoilers were right.  I have to say, people online saying that she picks Shawn in the end for the last how many months really made it a lot less fun to watch for me.  I wish people could keep these things to themselves, out of respect for other viewers at the very least.

These last few Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons just haven’t been that good.  I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.  I hope they can bring back some of the reality to this reality TV show.  It’s the concept of true love that brings us in and keeps us watching, it’s like Disney magic.  If it seems fake, you lose us.

On tonight’s “After the Final Rose, Shawn even said “Why don’t we just focus on the love story, isn’t that what “The Bachelorette” is all about?”  You can see that he agrees with me and many of you as well.

Not only is the show veering away from being about real love, the show is getting so cheap, I mean, seriously, what is up with the proposal now being in the dark out in the back by the pool?  LOL!  Sad yet hilarious at the same time.  I mean, Kaitlyn was standing steps away from where that guy got really drunk and fell down during the first episode!  What a sweet lifelong memory…

And what did you all think of the part when Kaitlyn and Shawn got engaged (wait, did they really get engaged?)?  It sounded like Kaitlyn was rehearsing a script when she was telling Shawn how much she loved him.  It was a little stale to me.  The whole thing just didn’t feel REAL at all.

I found this episode anti-climactic, which is literally the opposite of what it’s supposed to be.  Nothing really happened except for Nick getting upset that Andi, oops, I mean Kaitlyn jerked him around.  Why did she let Nick get through his whole super personal proposal speech before she stopped him?  That was a bad move.  Very inconsiderate, and he told her so on the final rose.  It looks like those two won’t be friends any time soon…  I guess with that kind of intense passion it’d be really hard anyways.

And what was up with Chris H. interrupting all of the time on the final rose?  That got annoying.  He seemed to have it in for Nick, I don’t know why.  But Nick handled himself well I thought, it must have been hard to go through all of that again.  Same thing with Shawn, Chris H. was really trying to re-open old wounds it seemed, instead of working with them to move on with their lives and relationships.  Weird new angle that I personally didn’t like.

Final words after the final rose?  Ugh, and I hope the show does better next time.  It’s getting kind of hard to watch.  But if you want ever-increasingly-cheesy crap, Sunday is the beginning of “The Bachelor in Paradise!”  It’s really a rather trashy version of a bunch of old people (relatively) acting like they’re at a frat party in college.  I’ll probably watch, there’s really not much else on until fall…

I do want to wish Kaitlyn and Shawn best wishes.  Maybe the rumors that they have already broken up are true, who knows, but either way I hope that they enjoy their time together, life is short, have fun.

There’s NO WAY that’s going to happen on Monday’s “The Bachelorette!!!”

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Suzanne Coleman

For the first time in “Bachelorette” history, they’re breaking ALL of the rules!  Tune in for Monday’s episode to see the most dramatic show EVER.

We all know that Kaitlyn has a taste for the wild side.  Well Monday night it may just go TOO FAR!  For the first time in “Bachelorette” history they will be airing a two-on-one overnight!!!  Can you believe this?  How could the show let things go this far?

Kaitlyn has got to learn to control her hormones.  She just HAS to bring two men into her fantasy suite at one time!  The problem is, they’re not only hot for her, but they’re hot for each other.  Yes, it’s true, but don’t tell anyone, it will be Nick and Shawn together!  I know, it’s insane.  No one knows WHAT will happen!

We all know that Kaitlyn has a love affair with the strange and unusual, and this encounter just may top all of her prior group dates, put together.  And they’re letting the cameras roll people, for the whole thing!  You just have to pay extra to watch the best parts on cable later that night.

Who do you think will perform to Kaitlyn’s best expectations?!  Will it be Nick, the Chicago underdog whom so many people love to hate?  Or will it be Shawn, the guy everybody was rooting for, until he got REALLY annoying?!  Stay tuned here to find out.  It’s ALL GOING TO BE SO INSANE I CAN’T STAND IT!


Ok, so I had so much fun on my first “Bachelorette” parody that just HAD to do another one!  LOL.  Hope you find this as funny as I do, I love to make people laugh 🙂  Let me hear from you all in the comments, and like “THE SLICE ICONIC” on facebook!  Share our links, thanks!


You had SEX with That “OTHER GUY?!”

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Suzanne Coleman

Oh boy, what is happening here!?

First of all, before I start writing, let me take a second and wipe the STEAM off of my glasses!  PhEW!  That Kaitlyn and her Nick… woo hoo!  There they go again lol.  🙂

Ok, I’ve taken a moment and composed myself, here we go with the good stuff from tonight’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

The kids are still in Ireland, no one is sure why they haven’t been able to go to a new location, but this one is quite beautiful.  Kaitlyn starts out with a romantic one-on-one date with the remaining Ben.  Boy, he is a cutie!  He has been compared to Bobby Brady from “The Brady Bunch,” a TV show from a few decades ago.  These two seem to have good chemistry and he comes across as a great guy to be with.

He reveals to Kaitlyn that he has doubts that he is good enough to be with anyone because of his past relationships.  She reassures him that he IS good enough as far as she’s concerned and then they kiss.  And kiss…

She brings up the fantasy suite and he says something like “yeah it’ll be great to get to TALK to you all night long,” and she’s like, “uh, TALK?!”  She grimaces.  By now, we know that Kaitlyn likes herself some booty!  So just talking isn’t going to work for her.  She wonders to herself if he’s a virgin.  Then she asks him out loud, and he’s like “Whoa girl!” and then he answers her, “Um, no, I’m not.”  She laughs heartily.  THAT was awkward.

I’m thinking that just might be the word of the season, AWKWARD, what do you think?

The good thing for Ben though was that at no point does she tell him to get to stepping, so he’s safe, for now!  But, that’s HIS story.  Next we move on to a three-on-one date with the worst pairing ever, Shawn and Nick.  Yikes… we could see some serious fireworks on this date.  Just not the good kind.

Kaitlyn says she “has to tell Shawn” that she slept with Nick.  She’s worried that he’ll find out after the show airs.  I guess that’s the difference between real life and TV.  In the real world, you could choose not to share all of your personal experiences in detail with someone you are dating.  But because she’s on TV, it makes sense that she feels like she needs to to tell him now.  BUT, what I don’t get, is why the heck she doesn’t tell Nick that she is going to do it before she does.  Don’t you think he has a right to know that this very personal information is going to be shared with other guys in the house?  I mean, especially since Shawn seems like he’s about to murder him at almost every turn?  Give the guy a heads up, and really, if you respected him at all, you’d get his input on telling Shawn before you just went ahead and did it.

But before Kaitlyn can tell Shawn, Nick comes up to have some one-on-one time with her.  Afterwards, they walk back to the group and Kaitlyn makes the move to spend some alone time with Joe.

When they’re together, Joe gets serious and tells her that he is truly in love with her and he can see a life with her.  It’s pretty romantic; he seems like really great guy.  But instead of a smiling at him when he tells her this, Kaitlyn just stares at him with this weird look on her face.  It’s SO awkward.

And then, here it comes boys and girls, she dumps him.

I’m starting to see a pattern here… and it isn’t pretty.

Gee Kaitlyn, get the guy to say he’s in love with you, and then, just dump his ass.  We know you have no heart now.  Poor Joe…  he finally opens up and it’s the end of him.

Joe doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do after that ridiculous end to their “relationship” and Kaitlyn isn’t much help.  They both wander around like brain-dead zombies for a minute – which feels like an eternity to those of us watching them suffer through it- and finally Kaitlyn just walks off leaving Joe there stunned and upset.

After that disaster, Kaitlyn goes back to the other two guys, who had a feeling Joe was dust, and tells them what’s next.  She sends Nick back to the hotel and meets up with Shawn alone later that night.  She didn’t get the chance to tell him about having had sex with Nick like she wanted to earlier, so this was the time to do it.

As they sit on the couch, Shawn and Kaitlyn facing each other, she is nervous, but she goes ahead and tells him that she and Nick had sex.  His response was actually really calm, for some reason I thought he would start screaming at her, he seems like such an emotionally pent-up guy.  Luckily, that didn’t happen (this time).  He seems to really be into her, because he says that he thinks the long-term is what matters and he’s willing to keep moving forward with her.  Sounds like he’s a keeper.

Meanwhile Nick is going crazy back at the hotel trying to figure out if he’s on the chopping block.  He tries to analyze his week with Kaitlyn and realizes that he had much less time with her than any of the other remaining guys.  Uh oh.  He is afraid that he might not get a rose this week, and it shows.  The other guys sit politely as Nick tells them how he is feeling.

At the Rose Ceremony, Kaitlyn looks awesome in this crazy mirrored dress, very cool!  She tries to give a rose to Shawn, but he has to talk to her first.  He is very upset about the whole having-sex-with-Nick thing (legitimate), but she says, hey listen, you have to trust me.  In the end, he does and gladly accepts her rose.  The next rose goes to Ben, with much less drama.

At this point there is only one rose left!  It looks like Kaitlyn is going to leave Nick behind, and Shawn sure hopes that she will!  He still calls him “the other guy,” wow, what warmth 😉  His animosity towards Nick just builds after he learns that he had sex with Kaitlyn.  Can you imagine being in that position?  Luckily, no punches are thrown.  Yet…

So here we are, at the last rose and it’s down to scruffy-boy Jared and cutie pie Nick (I know, tons of you disagree 🙂 ).  It’s tense, they’re both biting their lips and looking nervous.  I was nervous too!  I was worried she was going to dump Nick, but instead, she made him sweat it out by giving him the last dramatic rose.

It turned out that Jared was the one she said her last goodbye to tonight.  I think he’s too young for her, though he seems like a good guy.  She was really broken up about it, which shows she does have SOME heart in her.  She said he was a great person but their relationship just wasn’t moving at the same speed as her other ones.

So now Kaitlyn is down to her final three men!  And they jump into the first overnight date experience right away.  It’s her and Nick.  She is wearing this amazing white dress with cutout designs.  They are walking through the local Irish town, hand in hand; it’s not shocking that they are having a great time together.

Later, they are alone having dinner, talking, and Nick says something really disgusting that Shawn supposedly said, but Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to think it’s gross.  But it REALLY is (to normal people).  That makes me wonder about her A LOT.  So, yeah, I’m not really sure what else to say about that.  She acts like that comment was just Nick and Shawn being competitive over her super hot ass.  Nick says he’s glad they can talk about anything and that that makes him feel so comfortable with her.  True, that’s pretty critical for a healthy and successful relationship.  Still hating him guys?   Let me know.

When it’s time for them to do the fantasy suite (come on, did you really think he’d say no?! lol), Kaitlyn leads him into a dungeon jail cell, cold, dark, and small.  There are two twin mattresses there on the floor.  It looks like it’s for real.  He’s like, um, ok, I guess if that’s what I have to do…  And she breaks out laughing saying something like “hel-lo!  There’s no way this is where we’re staying tonight.”  I have to admit it totally cracked me up, good one girl.  Very funny.

So they go up to the REAL fantasy suite and it takes but a second for them to get into bed together.  Nick runs his hand along her behind and down her thigh (WARNING ADULT CONTENT- oops… I should have put that first…) and then caresses her there.  I’m thinking, whoa this is getting to be like soft core porn, again.  Then he gets up and closes the bedroom door, thus ending the scene.  Oh well lol.  We all KNOW what’s coming…

The next morning he and Kaitlyn have breakfast together, it’s so cute.  He looks very fine without his shirt on, you’ve got to admit it girls!  When they separate and he goes back to his own room, that peaceful feeling is shattered as Shawn comes a-knocking to give him a piece of his mind.

Shawn starts telling Nick off.  I thought it was pretty funny when Shawn says he wanted to be upfront and tell Nick to his face what he was thinking, and not act like “the other guys” who just talked about Nick behind his back.  Um, right, Shawn, that’s what’s been going on the whole time, you never said a single bad thing about Nick.  And that, my friends, deserves another good “LOL.”

To sum up their “conversation,” Shawn basically tells Nick that he just sucks.  And Nick says in response something like, “you haven’t even tried to get to know me.”  But Shawn is convinced that Nick is just a piece of crap with no real interest in Kaitlyn.

Boy, this is ….  AWKWARD!

Yeah, so it basically went like that.  The rest of what happens is coming up on the next episode of “The Bachelorette!”  What do you think it will be?

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for more Bachelorette Gossip to come!


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Suzanne Coleman

Some of the houseguests were overheard speculating about whether or not a saboteur was in the house this season, well I think as of this past week’s episodes we know that there is!

I think Audrey is the saboteur; she has done at least two big things which were pretty obviously saboteurish.  Here they are:

1.  She completely made up a story about trying to backdoor Jason and told it to Jace.  The two nominees for eviction were already firmly in place.  There was no logic in her story at all, and she did it to stir up problems.  It made no sense game-play wise either, as they already had their target locked up with the house’s votes!  It was simply thrown out there to stir up the pot.  Later she lies to the whole group (her “alliance”) and says that Jace wanted to backdoor Jason.  She didn’t get much of a reaction though and Jace called her out for lying right there in front of everyone.  Good for him!  At least he did one thing right before his time was done.

2.  At the first eviction, instead of voting for Jace like everyone else did, she voted for Jackie.  She knew they had the votes to get out Jace, or didn’t care who was voted out, so she threw in a vote for Jackie, knowing it would stir up questions of loyalty and bring up more drama in the house.  There isn’t much of a strong reason for a player to do this at this point.  There are so many people in the house, why would you risk being found out just to cause unnecessary trouble?  I think she’s playing this game for the house, and not for herself.

They also introduced her like she was a part of the network and not just a player, she got more airtime and attention than pretty much anyone else it seemed.

We’ll have to wait and see if she’s an official saboteur or just a REALLY bad player lol!  She clearly likes to stir up problems in the house, so maybe she feels protected by the producers to do that.  Pulling people out of their beds in the middle of the night, does not make you many friends, especially when it was completely unnecessary to do so, and a bit nutso.

She also doesn’t seem to have any real relationships or alliances forming with her housemates, though superficially she says she does, behind their backs, she has that knife poised to stab…

What do YOU think?  Am I right?  Comment away players!


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Kaitlyn makes all of the Big Boys Cry :(

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Suzanne Coleman

So what happened on tonight’s episode of “The Bachelorette?”

I think that the most important thing that we see on tonight’s episode is that Kaitlyn has learned her lesson.  Sleeping with Nick, while clearly enjoyable for both of them, put her in an uncomfortable position with her other ongoing relationships.  She feels upset about that, and realizes that it wasn’t the best idea.  She realizes that it might compromise what she is building with the other men for the long-term.

Interestingly enough, though, it was an off-camera talk that she apparently had with Shawn that really caused her the most angst.  We learn from Shawn that she told him that he was pretty much “the one” for her.  Tonight she said that she did it in an attempt to make him feel less stressed out about the whole process.  She didn’t realize that he took her words so much to heart, and that put her in an awkward position.

She still has real feelings for the other guys and because of that she realized she shouldn’t have said that to Shawn.  So on tonight’s episode Kaitlyn tried to back-peddle her relationship with Shawn, slowing things down.   I’m not sure that it worked.  She wasn’t the clearest communicator but it seems like he got the message.  In the end, the whole thing really just made Shawn more stressed out than he already was!  Oh well, this is a great lesson for everyone.  Think about the impact of what you say and do before you say or do it.  You just might be saving yourself and others lots of upset if you do.

I think tonight also answered a lot of questions about Nick.  When Kaitlyn talked to him about keeping their private time private because she has been worried that the other guys will find out, he was upset because he is a classy guy and had no intentions of going around telling anyone about it.  His honest feelings came through when they were talking, as his eyes welled up with tears.  He had some difficultly speaking at times too.  He seems to be sincerely interested in a real relationship with her, and not a guy who just plays around.

So after delving into all of these intense relationship feelings, the show finally got around to a new date at the END of the show!  Boy, they’re really playing around with the show’s format this season.

It’s a one-on-one date and Kaitlyn flies Cupcake off over the ocean in a helicopter to some cool Irish cliffs where they have a romantic picnic lunch overlooking the expansive sea.  It was pretty awesome, until Kaitlyn opened up to Cupcake that it was over, she just wasn’t feeling it.  Like so many of us, she couldn’t move forward with someone, no matter how great he was, if the feelings just weren’t there for her.  So she let him go, crying because it was so hard for her.

She took off in her private helicopter, leaving him there with their picnic basket and blanket, and he breaks down sobbing.  Poor guy 😦  Then they suddenly show him standing at the very edge of the cliffs, um, YIKES!!  One of the crew members moves towards him as if they are going to grab him back, and just then he steps back away from the edge on his own.  Geez, too scary dude.  Good thing there wasn’t an updraft.  Always be safe.

Back to Bachelorette business.  We learn that for the rest of the season, there are going to be some big changes.  Chris Harrison tells Kaitlyn that next week she is supposed to have sex with three different men.  Oh wait, he didn’t exactly say that, did he?  Well, that’s how it came across for some reason…

So next week she will have “intimate time” with three of the guys, the other three will be gone before that.  Then out of the three remaining, she picks only two to go to their homes and meet their families.  It’s weird that they’re changing it up like that all of a sudden, I wonder why?

Also weird is that Chris Harrison suddenly returned to the show today.  Where has this dude been?  He looks healthy, so it’s probably not that he’s been sick, which is good.  I heard that he got divorced, so maybe it’s something to do with that.  At first I thought that they were going to replace him with someone else, maybe someone younger and hotter?  I guess we’ll see.

The other really weird thing is that Chris Harrison is shown telling Kaitlyn that she should tell the other guys about her having had sex with Nick.  At least this is what it seems he is saying.  No one would advise her to do that in their right mind!  That seems so strange.  I’ll bet that it’s not what he’s really trying to do, and they’re just editing it to look like that, because if he is, then that is SO FAKE.  🙂

I’ll end with this, the funniest part of tonight’s episode was actually the commercial for “Bachelor in Paradise.”  If you missed it, try and google it.  It shows Claire and a raccoon having a conversation; it totally made me laugh!  See you soon guys!  For those of you who love to laugh, check out this parody of “The Bachelorette!”  


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Big Brother, Where’s the Drama!


Suzanne Coleman

After watching last night’s episode, I was relieved.  Jason isn’t really annoying at all!  Phew~!  I couldn’t watch another season with someone who has to be the absolute center of attention at all times and will do anything to get it.

Last night we saw lots of very cooperative and collaborative behavior between the houseguests.  It was all too, “nice.”  Things are going too smoothly.  Where’s the drama?!  Is this season going to be all about getting along?  Oh no!  Lol!

There were a few cracks that developed though.  The 3-girl power alliance is weakening (not surprising since it started on day ONE!).  Da’Vonne is afraid that Shelli’s relationship with hottie Clay is going to make her more loyal to him than to her.  And she’s probably right!  We all know how that goes…

Head of Household James is proving that his calm demeanor wasn’t just a flash in the pan, it’s for real.  If he can keep on going this way, my money is on him to get to the end.

Beach boy Jace on the other hand, is racking up danger points pretty darn quick!  He is the supposed back-door target of both Jason and James this week.    But, is her really?  When Jason and James went to talk with Steve (the “nerdy” guy with the glasses), Jason couldn’t look him in the eye.  Uh-oh!  Jason if you’re going to play “Big Brother” and win, you’re going to have to be able to deceive people without giving yourself away!  Maybe Steve is the real target after all.  I think Jason could be a good team-mate but I don’t think he’ll be the winner, he can’t pull off lying and deceiving others well enough.

So now we don’t know, will they really back-door Jace?  Or is Steve the real target this week?  Only time will tell, stay tuned to find out!


Big Brother is BACK!

"Big Brother," they're always watching you.   Image:  Petr Novák, Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

“Big Brother,” they’re always watching you. Image: Petr Novák, Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


Suzanne Coleman

Anybody want to talk “Big Brother?!”  Are we excited that it’s FINALLY back on!?!  Holy cow!  Finally.  Phew.  I don’t think I could’ve waited any longer.  Really.  With all this rain we’ve been having, I NEEDED my time in the California sunshine!

Let’s chat about the new guests on the show.  So far, I can see I might be a little annoyed by… a few of them.  I’m not a fan of being annoyed…  Did anybody watch it last summer?  If you did, then you know what I mean about ANNOYING players.  😉  But, they certainly will give us a lot to talk about!

Wednesday was the first episode, and it went pretty well.  I love that guy James’ accent, so cool.  He’s pretty relaxing to listen to, which I have a feeling is going to come in pretty handy, pretty soon.

So on the second episode it starts to get a bit crazy.  All of the 16 guests are now stuffed into the house, falling over the edges of the chairs in the living room because there just aren’t enough seats for everyone there!  The camera starts spending a lot of time of this guy Jace.  I don’t know about you, but I think he’s getting annoying already.  Isn’t he the guy that called a woman he didn’t even know “sweetie” or something like that?  Geez dude, you don’t even know her, how patronizing.  And he’s not even in his 70s!  Just don’t pinch her butt or you’re going get punched in the face.

Then there’s that other guy, Jason, wow.  He’s just too much for me.  I guess I don’t find histrionic personalities fun to watch.  Plus, the whole looking-like-Pee-wee-Herman thing is totally off-putting.  If you didn’t already know, Pee-wee was an odd guy who was in the entertainment business quite a while back.  He was caught masturbating in a children’s movie, surrounded by little kids.  Yeah I know, disgusting.

I’m not sure if I like Da’Vonne or not.  After the first episode I really thought she’d be my favorite, but after last night, I’m not so sure that’s going to be the case.  I am looking forward to seeing if the poker dealer and the poker player can feel each other out.  I bet that they do.  When you’re work in the same field as someone there’s an unwritten language between people.  If one recognizes the other… that could be interesting!  It might just blow up somebody’s game.

Vanessa, the poker player, is going to be interesting to watch.  She was right when she said that reading people, holding your own secrets well, and keeping a calm keel throughout the game will be essential to getting far.

I think Shelli is so cute!  And her attraction to the one and only attractive guy they put on the show is obvious, I mean, she was bright red when she was sitting next to him on the couch.  That’d be Clay the mighty fine farmer-man I’m talking about here.  Any girl would probably be like, “Uh huh, you fine man, come over here and talk to me.”  And Kaitlyn from “The Bachelorette” would probably like him…  I mean, because he’s a farmer, and you all know about her famous field-plowing comment…  😀

I think that Becky the outdoorsy girl from Colorado will probably do well.  I think she’ll fly under the radar because she’s quiet and calm (so far!) versus the others who are so loud and attention-seeking.  Those will be the ones who become everyone’s targets, sooner or later.

I’m a little worried about that guy John.  He looks like he’s sick, so hopefully he’s not.

Predictions on who’s going to the end?  Yikes.  That’s a hard one!  I think Shelli could do well.  She’s very together (except for around that Clay!).  Plus, she’s nice AND pretty so people won’t get too annoyed by having her around.  I think James has a good chance, for similar reasons.  He’s very calm, collected, and not a big guy so he’s not likely to be seen as a male threat, though he did win the first competition.  I think John might be smart enough to do it if his energy doesn’t get the worst of him with the other house guests.  Vanessa talks a good game, but I wouldn’t bet on her until I get to know her better.

So there you have it people, our summer has begun!  Let’s get to it and have fun out there.  Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments by clicking the comment button above.

You MAKE TV amazing

Vanessa Ray who plays Officer Jenko on

Vanessa Ray who plays Officer Jenko on “Blue Bloods.” By Dominick D [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


Suzanne Coleman

I love TV, if you couldn’t tell already 🙂  I have been watching TV for a very long time and I wanted to share my two cents on who I think are the very best of the best.  Without these individuals and their contributions, TV would be an  empty and boring place.  Many of these are supporting actors whose work can go unrecognized, but the reality is that without them the shows they work for would likely fail.  I hope that they are properly recognized by the people and organizations for whom they work.  I am not a follower of awards shows, but here are my humble opinions:

1.  Vanessa Ray who plays Officer Edit Jenko on “Blue Bloods” on CBS.  I just love this girl.  She is so real, so authentic.  She can be cute, she can be angry, she has such a range of abilities, and they are all believable.  I never once think “this is an actress.”  There are so many shows today where emotion seems to have been removed from the acting.  Humans are emotional beings (the healthy, normal ones), so seeing her bring this range of real emotional expression to the screen is a joy.

By Work for hire owned by TGE (the group entertainment), provided by Talent Manager Kyle Luker, cropped by me (photosubmission@wikimedia.org) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Guillermo Diaz who plays Huck on “Scandal.” By Work for hire owned by TGE (the group entertainment), [CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

2.  Guillermo Diaz who plays Huck on the hit drama “Scandal” on ABC.  He is extremely talented.  I think his work could be overlooked because of the role that he plays, but the episodes which have featured him have been some of the best TV or movie work that I have ever seen.  Captivating.  Real.  Intense.  Scary.

3.  Eden Sher, who plays Sue Sue Heck on “The Middle” on ABC is amazing and holds the show together.  While all of the actors on this show are excellent, she is the best in my opinion (Patricia Heaton is a close second).  She consistently brings the energy and weirdness her character demands, while also showing her softer side at times.

4.  Emily Bett Rickards who plays Felicity Smoak on “Arrow” on WB.  This girl just made being nerdy cool!  She’s so believable and has brought this character to a place where she is a positive role model for all females.

There you have it TV fans!  My top picks for TV actors in my currently watched shows.  Who are your favorites?  Please share in the comments section, I’d love to know!

Chris and Whitney are OVER!

The Bachelor Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

I know there are a few people out there who might be surprised by this, but I’m thinking that most of you are NOT.  Chris and Whitney are OVER, yes OVER!  But were they ever really together?  Who knows.  “The Bachelor” has gotten to be so hard to believe, it’s too bad.  So many of the loyal viewers are tired of the fakeness of the contestants and want to bring back the reality to the reality show.  How about someone who is truly looking for love and is a good person?  Would people still watch if it wasn’t all about looks and fun locations?  I don’t know but I challenge another network to find out, I believe it would be a successful show.  While watching contestants explore exciting locations is fun, the premise of the show is relationships and love, not lying and manipulation to get attention…

As far as this past season’s contestants, I feel bad for Chris, he seems funny and intelligent in his blog posts, yet on the show he comes across as stiff and awkward with no emotions.  Maybe he can work with someone to bring out the real him over time.

Whitney would be a perfect current Bachelorette, she is fake, fake, fake.  (Sorry girl, but I’m not going to lie.  You might lie to yourself, but I won’t enable you there.)  I’ll bet she can find herself plenty of men who like superficial girls, no problem!  The question is, will those relationships last?  I think we have some real answers to that now.


source:  http://www.ew.com/article/2015/05/28/bachelor-chris-soules-and-whitney-bischoff-call-it-quits

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