Bye Bye Nick! :(

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Suzanne Coleman

I know some of you might be happy to see Nick go, but as a member of Team Nick, I have to say, “BOO!”…  But I’ll get over it 🙂

In the end Kaitlyn picked Shawn, I guess all of the spoilers were right.  I have to say, people online saying that she picks Shawn in the end for the last how many months really made it a lot less fun to watch for me.  I wish people could keep these things to themselves, out of respect for other viewers at the very least.

These last few Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons just haven’t been that good.  I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.  I hope they can bring back some of the reality to this reality TV show.  It’s the concept of true love that brings us in and keeps us watching, it’s like Disney magic.  If it seems fake, you lose us.

On tonight’s “After the Final Rose, Shawn even said “Why don’t we just focus on the love story, isn’t that what “The Bachelorette” is all about?”  You can see that he agrees with me and many of you as well.

Not only is the show veering away from being about real love, the show is getting so cheap, I mean, seriously, what is up with the proposal now being in the dark out in the back by the pool?  LOL!  Sad yet hilarious at the same time.  I mean, Kaitlyn was standing steps away from where that guy got really drunk and fell down during the first episode!  What a sweet lifelong memory…

And what did you all think of the part when Kaitlyn and Shawn got engaged (wait, did they really get engaged?)?  It sounded like Kaitlyn was rehearsing a script when she was telling Shawn how much she loved him.  It was a little stale to me.  The whole thing just didn’t feel REAL at all.

I found this episode anti-climactic, which is literally the opposite of what it’s supposed to be.  Nothing really happened except for Nick getting upset that Andi, oops, I mean Kaitlyn jerked him around.  Why did she let Nick get through his whole super personal proposal speech before she stopped him?  That was a bad move.  Very inconsiderate, and he told her so on the final rose.  It looks like those two won’t be friends any time soon…  I guess with that kind of intense passion it’d be really hard anyways.

And what was up with Chris H. interrupting all of the time on the final rose?  That got annoying.  He seemed to have it in for Nick, I don’t know why.  But Nick handled himself well I thought, it must have been hard to go through all of that again.  Same thing with Shawn, Chris H. was really trying to re-open old wounds it seemed, instead of working with them to move on with their lives and relationships.  Weird new angle that I personally didn’t like.

Final words after the final rose?  Ugh, and I hope the show does better next time.  It’s getting kind of hard to watch.  But if you want ever-increasingly-cheesy crap, Sunday is the beginning of “The Bachelor in Paradise!”  It’s really a rather trashy version of a bunch of old people (relatively) acting like they’re at a frat party in college.  I’ll probably watch, there’s really not much else on until fall…

I do want to wish Kaitlyn and Shawn best wishes.  Maybe the rumors that they have already broken up are true, who knows, but either way I hope that they enjoy their time together, life is short, have fun.

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