Suzanne Coleman

Some of the houseguests were overheard speculating about whether or not a saboteur was in the house this season, well I think as of this past week’s episodes we know that there is!

I think Audrey is the saboteur; she has done at least two big things which were pretty obviously saboteurish.  Here they are:

1.  She completely made up a story about trying to backdoor Jason and told it to Jace.  The two nominees for eviction were already firmly in place.  There was no logic in her story at all, and she did it to stir up problems.  It made no sense game-play wise either, as they already had their target locked up with the house’s votes!  It was simply thrown out there to stir up the pot.  Later she lies to the whole group (her “alliance”) and says that Jace wanted to backdoor Jason.  She didn’t get much of a reaction though and Jace called her out for lying right there in front of everyone.  Good for him!  At least he did one thing right before his time was done.

2.  At the first eviction, instead of voting for Jace like everyone else did, she voted for Jackie.  She knew they had the votes to get out Jace, or didn’t care who was voted out, so she threw in a vote for Jackie, knowing it would stir up questions of loyalty and bring up more drama in the house.  There isn’t much of a strong reason for a player to do this at this point.  There are so many people in the house, why would you risk being found out just to cause unnecessary trouble?  I think she’s playing this game for the house, and not for herself.

They also introduced her like she was a part of the network and not just a player, she got more airtime and attention than pretty much anyone else it seemed.

We’ll have to wait and see if she’s an official saboteur or just a REALLY bad player lol!  She clearly likes to stir up problems in the house, so maybe she feels protected by the producers to do that.  Pulling people out of their beds in the middle of the night, does not make you many friends, especially when it was completely unnecessary to do so, and a bit nutso.

She also doesn’t seem to have any real relationships or alliances forming with her housemates, though superficially she says she does, behind their backs, she has that knife poised to stab…

What do YOU think?  Am I right?  Comment away players!


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