Is Nick just a PLAYER??

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Suzanne Coleman

Do you guys think that Nick is playing Kaitlyn?  Or do you think the whole thing is fake and they didn’t really have sex?  It’s sooo hard to be sure, isn’t it?  Nick did seem to be a bit fake when he was with her in her room, saying certain things to maybe move her in the direction of sleeping with him.  They even showed him doing a bit of that with her in the bar; it was hard to tell if he was for real or just trying to get her to sleep with him.  She is a grown woman and can make her own decisions, so I don’t fault her for those, but there certainly are plenty of men (and women too) out there who lie to get sex.  It’s pretty creepy, and sadly desperate.

If that’s the case, as a few of you have suggested, then what do you think will happen next?  Will he turn into a creepy jerk and blow her off?  Will he hang around until he gets more exposure (like until she votes him off, if that happens), or will he take off now that he’s gotten what he wanted?

I’m curious to know what you think.  I think as ladies we’ve all probably had our unfair share of creeps, losers, and jerks.  Let’s share our wisdom with others in the comments!


Check out this update on Nick!



  1. says:

    she had a lot of whiskey someone should have asked her if that was a good idea before she went in the room nick is so creepy!!!!! i wouldnt be surprised if he knew he could get her to do it! he is a master manipulator.. he scares me!

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  2. Susan Klingenberger says:

    The whole show is scripted and fake!

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  3. She said that she wanted to have sex with him to confirm the way she feel when she was with him . I think she is an adult . She drinks but her faculty was there . Nothing wrong with this guy . She tell that Nick makes her feel that is a Woman . I don’t think that guy is handsome . The day after we see on the show that she said that she had a wonderul night with him but she feel a bit guilty . I think one of worst actress on bachelorette industry . .

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  1. […] think tonight also answered a lot of questions about Nick.  When Kaitlyn talked to him about keeping their private time private because she has been worried […]


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