Is Rahm a sociopath?

broken head sculpture, © Suzanne Coleman, all rights reserved, crop, exp, sig, bckgrn black


Suzanne Coleman, MD


What do you guys think about Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, a public servant, telling his motorcade to repeatedly run thru red lights as if the law doesn’t apply to him?  Is he a sociopath?  Let’s think about that.

According to Chicago’s ABC news and the “Chicago Tribune,” as of April 15, 2015 Emanuel’s drivers were found to have run red lights a total of 29 times.  Wow.  Twenty-nine times.  

When Emanuel was caught the first time, his attitude was like “So what?  We’ll pay the tickets.”  Um, dude, that isn’t the point.  

And then, he did it over, and over again.  

This behavior shows no respect for the law, nor for other people who could be injured by the running of the red lights.  This is the kind of behavior you see in a sociopath.  In their delusional minds they believe that the laws and the rules of society just don’t apply to them.  They also believe that they can do whatever they want and get away with it.  And, they often do.  They also have no empathy for other people.  They literally don’t have the ability to care.

This red-light-running behavior is also narcissistic.  In these cases, the person who runs the red light is saying “It’s all about ME, I‘m in a hurry, I shouldn’t have to wait.  I‘m SO very special!  I‘m more important than EVERYONE else.”  Notice the use of a lot of the word “I”…

If these behaviors alone weren’t bad enough, which they are, you need to figure in the fact that Emanuel has repeatedly forcefully said to the public that the red light cameras are there “To make the city safer,” “To stop people from running red lights; it’s so dangerous.”  I mean, seriously.  Can you say HYPOCRITE?  I can.

In addition to the above behaviors, Emanuel has been outright dismissive and abusive to other people on several televised interviews.  These are also behaviors you will see in a sociopath.  

I will bet that most of you didn’t know that approximately one out of every 75 men is a sociopath, and one out of every 300 women.  While it’s currently legal for psychopaths and sociopaths to be mayors, governors, senators, representatives and even presidents in this country, I think that it is in our people’s best interest to pass laws to prevent this from happening.  We need all political candidates to be screened to make sure that they are not dangerous or incapable psychopaths or sociopaths before they are allowed to take office, and those that are already in office must be screened as well.  

A sociopath is by definition a person who behaves in a way which is against the best interests of society.  No normal person would want someone like that running their government.  No one.  The only people who would benefit from that are other psychopaths and sociopaths.  [Which is what we often see in today’s government…]

Many people are calling for the removal of Rahm Emanuel as the mayor of Chicago, maybe this is the time for that to happen.  If so, there needs to be a qualified and sane candidate to replace him.  Can we find one?


Do you want a sociopath running YOUR city? Let me know what you think in the comments below.  For more information search “sociopath” on this blog for two additional articles with examples of this type of abnormal behavior.  

[Note that the words in quotes attributed to Emanuel are paraphrasing his statements to the public.]



Bachelor Gossip: Whitney and that VOICE!


The Bachelor Gossip, framed



Suzanne Coleman, MD

Ok, first of all, I want to say Whitney seems like a really decent person.  She’s got her life together, she hasn’t been shown to be mean like Carly to the other girls, and she respects herself.  I wanted to be clear on that because I’m not writing this to put her down in any way, I’m writing it because I have noticed something about the way that she speaks which I think that we as women should all take a moment to think about in regards to ourselves and the women and girls around us.  I mean for this to be a positive post, not a negative post.

So if you’re watching ABC’s “The Bachelor” (and we know you all are!) you know that Whitney is a young lady from Chicago who is vying for the attention of a farmer dude from somewhere in the middle of nowhere, pretty much literally.  She’s one of the final three ladies left before he decides who he likes the best for himself (she can say yes or no, but they usually say yes…).

From the first time they showed Whitney* on the show, I noticed that her voice was very high pitched and a bit whiney.  It came across as if she was trying to sound like a little girl who is trying to get attention.  I have noticed this same kind of behavior in many girls and women before.  They seem to be deliberately, though not necessarily consciously, mimicking a young girl’s voice and behavior.  I think that it’s something that some women do subconsciously in order to get attention from men.  I think it might have to do with their relationships with men growing up, or other people around them, who might respond more willingly to what sounds like a young girl who needs help.

I have noticed that men do seem more interested in women who speak this way.  Men may be hard-wired to do so.  And girls who find that they get more attention by using this type of voice are probably more likely to continue to use this behavior to get attention as they grow up into adults.

I think that women, on the other hand, respond more negatively to this type of behavior.  I think that when we see a young lady or woman acting like a child who doesn’t speak in a way that we would expect for their age and maturity level, it bothers us.

When someone speaks this way, it might also be related to some kind of anxiety over one’s self and how you fit in with others around you, like a self-esteem issue or insecurity.  Anxiety can cause the voice to rise upwards in pitch, so it may be a part of why the high voice happens as well.

I would like to suggest to the women and young women out there who find themselves speaking in a voice that is higher than their actual voice, or in a submissive or needy way towards men or others, to make yourselves aware of that behavior and see if you can stop that habit.  I’d like to see all girls and women proud of who they are, and not acting overly submissive, like a child, towards others to get attention or anything else that they might want or need.  You should not be afraid to speak out and speak up for yourself.  If you find that you do feel that way, then that is something that you should explore.  I am a strong supporter of counseling as a way to find the strongest, healthiest you.

So getting back to “The Bachelor,” I’m pretty sure he picks Whitney in the end.  Why?  On the first show they highlighted her a lot and it really stuck out to me.  They seem to do that with the finalists and more so with the winner.  Just a feeling… I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


* Now I want to note, that I mention Whitney because so many of you noticed her voice.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring up this topic and I am using her voice as an example, but please realize that none of the discussion comments in here are about her in particular.



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You Are Beautiful, for real


By Michal Osmenda from Brussels, Belgium (you are beautiful  Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Michal Osmenda from Brussels, Belgium (you are beautiful Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Suzanne Coleman

A little while ago I was driving south on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, heading to Jackson Park to do a little migration birding (great stuff!) when something unexpected happened.  I was just driving along, looking around at the newly improved parks and habitats along the Drive when suddenly I saw a big sign that said “You Are Beautiful.”

I started to cry.  It was like a sudden attack of good that I wasn’t expecting.  So often we are guarded against the possibilities of something bad happening, but something good, like this unexpected random kindness, well, it just snuck right in and got me.  A wave of emotion came over me, I couldn’t help it.

As the emotion subsided, I thought about how many other people may have been positively impacted by this single sign every day…  It could be millions.  Amazing.

I believe in random acts of kindness.  I believe that one act can make a difference.

When I was in college, a few years ago (or more), someone put homemade stickers on the mirrors of the women’s bathrooms all around campus at the University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign.  The stickers said “This is the source of all self-doubt.”  Wow, right?

It was a brilliant campaign to boost our awareness about how our self-esteem can be negatively impacted by physical expectations impressed upon us by mass media.  It made us more aware of how and why we might be feeling and thinking some of the things we were as young women, and made a positive impact.  Those stickers remained up for quite a while, months I think, before some started to be removed, but their message was strong and clear.  As you can see, I still remember it more than a few years later.

I never learned who the artist was for that public campaign, but I have learned who the artist is for this one, Matthew Hoffman.  Apparently, he has been running his “You Are Beautiful” campaign for a while now, and I was just out of the loop.  He started with stickers himself, and the movement grew from there to include installation art like the piece I came across on the south side of Chicago.  This project has reached all around the world.

While I was perusing his website  [] to learn more about him and his artwork, I came across his mission statement; what is the impact that he hopes his artwork will have on others:

“Do you know that song, that when you hear it, it grabs you and takes you to a moment? A vivid memory you can’t escape feeling. Maybe it’s a summer, or a relationship. It might pump you up, and you start sprinting. Or maybe it crumples you, and takes you back to that night you sobbed in your car.

On my best days, that’s what I want my work to resonate. Personally, I want to experience moments. To really feel all the highs and lows. In my work, I want to create moments for others. I do my thing, and they are able to feel whatever they need to in that moment.” – Matthew Hoffman

I think he pretty much nailed it on the head with me.  Good job Matthew.  And thanks for spreading all the love and joy to the world that you have through this project.

I wonder what great acts of kindness will come next?  How will they start?  With a smile, or a helping hand?  Or maybe, just maybe, another sticker will find its way into our hearts reminding us that we are all living beings, here on this planet together, that we all love, we all feel, and we all hope.  I wonder if that will start with you?



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Taraji P. Henson, female lead in “Empire.” Photo by The Heart Truth (Taraji P. Henson) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Suzanne Coleman



I think it was obvious from the ads for this new show on FOX, but after seeing it last night, it was confirmed for me:  yes, it’ll be a hit- as long as they continue to produce shows like the one they did for the premiere.

The characters are very real-to-life, so, it was a success in that aspect; they were played well and had good depth.  The music was fun, and some of it was good.  The synergy between the two brothers in composing a musical piece together was excellent.  The relationships that they are establishing are intricate and the indications of future conflicts should keep things interesting for an above-average viewer.  Being scheduled right before the huge hit “Nashville” (ABC, 9pm CST) is a good position as both shows are very similar, and yet very different, studies on a musical sub-culture in American society.  Above all, the drama and characters of “Empire” are very strong.  The cinematography is of high quality as well, with good color, depth, and lighting.  Plus the show offers stimulating visuals in the fashion choices of the lead female character, and the scenes set in expensive mansions and other amazing locations will draw in viewers just to see how the other-half (of a percent) lives.

There was one thing which I found interesting (which you may or may not appreciate, depending on which cultural groups you are or are not a part of).  The show had a young black male in the rap industry from the background which the writers have developed for him and his family which clearly identifies which cultural group they are a part of, say to another black male of his same background “the n-word” instead of actually saying “nigger” which is what he would have most likely said in the real world.  It was pretty awkward to watch, and I’m sure that if there were any black men or youths watching in Chicago that there was some discussion over that decision on the part of the director.  Then, they later say “faggot” which is an equally taboo word in current American society.  Why one and not the other?  It seems that there was some type of agenda behind their choices, and maybe it will become more obvious as the show progresses.  I’d be very interested to know what the director was thinking when they made that decision.  I can guess but I’d like to hear what they have to say about it.

Going forward, this production will need to watch the line between offending or disturbing people too much, and staying within what is socially-acceptable.  I have seen several shows that had high potential to be successful fail, simply because they crossed this line.  “Outsourced” was one.  It was a great show, with funny writing and acting, but they crossed over the line into socially-unacceptable and offensive.  This ended the show.  They didn’t seem to realize the error of their ways (maybe they should have hired a consultant?) and when they had the chance to recover, they continued down the wrong path and lost their airtime.  Other shows have followed the same path.  I say, know your audience.  While some might go for this behavior, if it’s only a minority of your viewers, and the others will turn off the show, then, you need to decide if you want to continue or not, and under what terms.

The cold-blooded murder of the traitorous childhood acquaintance was one possible line crossed on “Empire.”  The abuse of the main character’s son was another.  These were both very real, and I mean very real as in this type of stuff happens in the real world, all of the time.  They gave the show grit, character and shock value.  But too much shock would probably send people away.

The choice of using or not using socially questionable words is another tricky spot.  Do you speak the way you would in the real world?  Or do you choose not to, which might avoid offending some people, but at the same time would lessen the reality of the experience?

Personally, I’m hoping the show continues to have the high quality of writing, directing and acting it did in the first episode.  I am excited to have this series on TV.  Hopefully it will watch those lines, keeping its viewers in mind, while still maintaining the freedom to express reality and to challenge any concepts it would like to challenge.  Great productions are more and more rare these days, and as a lover of TV, music, and culture I’m ready to get pulled into this one.



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Brrrrr….. Chicago! Too Cold!


Montrose Point, Chicago, Winter 2013-14.  By Suzanne M. Coleman, all rights reserved.

Montrose Point, Chicago, Winter 2013-14. © Suzanne M. Coleman, all rights reserved.


Suzanne M. Coleman

Do you remember this?  Just last year we were braving the icy freeeeezing cold weather along Lake Michigan in Chicago.  This year pales in comparison, so far… Even though it was ridiculously cold last winter, I’m glad I bundled myself up to go out because being there was an experience I will never forget.

It was an amazing ice scape.  Standing at the edge of the lake, cracking sounds surrounded me as masses of dark, unstoppable water moved back and forth under the covering layers of ice.  Below me, pieces of broken ice piled up like pale blue puzzle pieces, a puzzle that was WAY too cold to complete.  The sounds were eerie, yet fascinating.  The power of that water overwhelmed me and I stepped back even farther from the edge, afraid of what it could do to me.

Winter water birds sought out the limited remaining open water to desperately try and survive the coldest winter we’ve had in our area in a very long time.  Here at Montrose Point, a group of colorful red-breasted mergansers were getting ready for bed at the edge of the lake.  I marveled at their ability to withstand the cold temperatures.  As I watched them, I heard tinkling and jingling sounds coming from under the overhang of ice which had developed along the concrete edge of the sidewalk.  Below, it seems, a bird had bumped into a bunch of hanging icicles, causing them to fall and create amazing music in an otherwise very empty atmosphere.  It was very pretty.

I had come down here to this very famous Chicago birding area, to see an uncommon bird, the Long-tailed Duck.  This particular bird was a male in breeding plumage which means it was a very pretty bird to see; full of strokes of black and white all over its body, with a long, thin feather tail trailing behind.  I found it thanks to the reports of other birders on the Illinois birding listserv (IBET); it was bobbing in the small bit of open water near the mouth of the harbor, along with a dozen or so other birds of various types.

This little guy stood out.  Not only was he beautiful, but he was really fun to watch.  He would jump up into the air and then quickly tip his head down, at the same time folding his wings up like a fighter jet, and then dive down into the water to disappear completely from view.  He would stay down there for quite a while, 20-30 seconds it seemed, then resurface in another location.  I hoped that he was successful in finding something to eat, as I didn’t see any food in his mouth while I was there watching him.  Of course, he could have been eating it while he was still underwater.


Long-tailed Duck, male in breeding plumage. By Emily Willoughby (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Also nearby was another special type of bird, the White-winged Scoter.  In fact, there were quite a few of them there, several as close as 20-30 feet away, watching me watching them.


White-winged Scoter. By Vince [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

All of these different types of water birds were there because it was the only small bit of open water that they could find which would allow them to dive down into the water to feed as they worked to survive the brutal winter.  Because it was such a difficult winter, many birds did die.  A few were seen here on this day, scattered on the ice, nearby the living.  It was hard to look at, a real, honest reminder of the realities of life.

But I tried to focus on the living.  It was exciting for me to see both of these uncommon birds, and so close-up; they tend to stay far out in the water.  So when I heard about the chance to see them, I knew it was a rare opportunity and I had to take it.

Looking back at the pictures I took of the icy water at the end of the day, it amazes me how beautiful life can be, even in the most adverse of conditions.  Take those little opportunities to stretch your comfort zone and you might just be surprised at what amazing experiences you can have.  Last winter taught me that lesson, and I am glad.


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