Empire’s Finale, Fist Fights, Manslaughter and Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

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Suzanne Coleman

Oooooo so much drama, I don’t know how you’re going to handle this… and all of the QUESTIONS!  Where are the answers!  I don’t want to wait until next season, I want to know NOW!

Tonight’s was a show about fights, that’s for sure.  They were blowing up all over the place.  And one that didn’t end so well… between Vernon and Andre, and his wife.  Vernon was pounding on Andre’s face when his wife walked in on them on the floor.  Did you see how that girl whacked Vernon on the back of the head with that trophy thing?   I knew what was going to happen next… ooOoooo.

Poor Vernon!  I am going to miss that guy.  He was such a good character and actor.  I hope he went to a better place.  Now what will become of Rhonda and Andre, and THEIR BABY?!  Omg, the drama…

It’s interesting that Vernon apparently raised the boys while Cookie was in jail and Lucious was busy being a king of his empire.  Maybe that’s why the kids are so messed up?  Vernon was a pretty violent guy.  I guess he never heard of talking things through.  It’s too bad, because look where it took him.

On to round two, Cookie and Anika, they threw down!  Did that get it out of their systems?  I don’t know, it looked like Cookie was ready to go a few more rounds didn’t it?  You know she’s had enough practice in that prison.  Anika better not forget to watch her back, well, Cookie too.  Those two are dangerous!   Would’ve been better if they took off their earrings first but, hey, it was still pretty entertaining!  When Anika grabbed Cookie’s hair I was wondering if a wig was going to come off lol.

Hmmm…  so these two think they’re going to be able to work together to take over Empire from Lucious?  I don’t know about that…

Speaking of Lucious, who turned him in?  Sounds like it was Vernon, but was it Andre and Hakeem too?  The way that they looked at him as he walked by on his way to the cesspool that is the jail on this show sure looked like they were in on the takedown, didn’t it?  What do you think?

Round three, Jamal and “The Black Rambo.”  (Black Rambo, love that!)  It was great how Jamal handled this guy’s disrespectful behavior with a song fight with the rapper, instead of a real one.  That was a very classy way to stand up to someone who has too much hate in their heart.  I think Jamal won, what about you?  Looks like Jamal has a gift for handling conflicts without violence.

Oh wait, I forgot about the scene between Jamal and Billy the owner of the other music empire…  Jamal physically threatens to drop him off a skyscraper.  Now just how does that fit into his otherwise nonviolent persona?  Hmm…  see the next paragraph.

I have to admit, the plot is still confusing me.  I mean, it’s jumping around left and right, love, hate, relationships breaking, reforming, so fast I’m dizzy.  People’s characters changing radically from one episode or scene to the next…  I wish they would stop… but that’s how they want it it seems.  Hopefully people won’t give up on the show over time because of it.

There were some special musical guests tonight.  Patti LaBelle, what a sweet voice that woman has.  So smooth… I would have loved to hear more.  And Jennifer Hudson did a great job tonight with her pieces as well.  It was nice to have a variety of voices expressing themselves on the show.  I still miss Tiana and Hakeem working together, and Hakeem and Jamal.  Their collaborative pieces really brought out the strengths that both artists have, together.

I am missing sassy Cookie too.  She was back for a minute when she sat down at the table to receive her gift from Lucious (now THAT was a bomb moment, wasn’t it? lol!).  Keep that sass girl!  Don’t lose it on me now.

Looking back over the season, I think that the white party scene was one of the best scenes I have ever seen.  They pulled together music, emotional heights, community, support, and pure joy.  Plus fashion.  Can’t go wrong with that!

This is a great show and I’m excited to see what they bring us next season.  Congrats to all involved with the show on its success!



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Empire Gossip: Last night’s episode, OOoo the Drama!

Empire Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

Ok guys, so what did you think about last night’s episode?  Pretty dramatic huh?  🙂  So much went down…

You know when they showed the preview last week of Cookie and Lucious MAYBE kissing, I was like, oo-ooh, do you think they will?  But then last night…  Haha, ok, well they certainly didn’t hesitate to get back to business now did they?

I think it’s good, sort-of…  It’s obvious that they have a real connection.  But I think it’s also obvious that he really hurt her in the past, and what the hell was that?  So to be letting him back in now, that is probably going to be a big mistake for Cookie in the future.  I mean, he already showed her what he thinks of her while abandoning her for SEVENTEEN YEARS while she was in prison!  Hel-lo girl!

I think a lot of the women out there know it can be hard to let go of that true love from your past, especially if there is real chemistry, even if he was an ass.  But, hopefully as we get older, we grow and learn from those mistakes and don’t let them happen again.  Right girls?  Um, Cookie?

Now on to some BUSINESS!  Does anybody else think it’s obvious that Cookie will be the one who gets to run Empire in the end?  I know, last night kind of made it more obvious, but it has seemed that way to me from day one.  She is IN CHARGE!  She is the smart one, she knows how to handle people, she knows her music and her artists, and she is clearly a great speaker, as we saw in the episode last night.  All good skills to have to run what is really HER company after all.  And let’s face it, not one of her sons has the skills to do it.  Even combined they don’t.

There is one thing that Cookie isn’t good at, and that is trusting the people she should.  That bit last night about Elle really bugged me, in SO many ways.  Elle worked hard to get clean from heroin and then Anika (what a FREAK) dopes her to get at Cookie to make her look bad.  I mean, seriously, SICK.  Felonious-sick.  And when this happens Elle TOLD Cookie she was clean and Cookie could see that she was clean, I mean, you could tell that Elle was on board with staying clean and working hard, so then why did Cookie just turn away from her so easily?  She sticks by “her man” after all of the crap he has pulled, but the person who has worked hard for her and shown her loyalty, Elle, she just blows off in a second?  That kind of bad decision-making might just turn around and bite her.

I hated to see Elle stabbed in the back like that, not only by her supposed supporter, Cookie, but also by Cookie’s damn jealous rival, Anika.  The show made it look like one of the security guards (I think that’s who that was) might have seen what happened, so hopefully it will come to light that Anika is evil, and Elle can get back into the business she is so good at, singing.

And Anika?  Anika needs to go.  To jail.

What do you think?


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