One more guy…

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Suzanne Coleman

Wow this girl gets it all, she’s a TV star, she has tons of men vying for her attention, she gets to experience world travel, and now, she gets to date one more guy, and he’s a hot one.

After the season is well-underway, suddenly Nick from a prior season shows up, telling Kaitlyn he’s all into her.  Apparently they’ve been texting for a while now, but have never talked on the phone or met in person (weird?).  When Nick shows up in front of her, it doesn’t take Kaitlyn-the-kisser long to do what she does best, make out with the guy.

Now, he is really good looking, so it’s hard to blame her for making that move!  It looks like they’re having a pretty good time together.  But then Kaitlyn has to make a BIG decision.

She can’t seem to shake that feeling that he is one of the ones for her!  So she has to decide, geez, should I let him stay around and compete for my “love?”  After much thought (well maybe one night’s worth), she decides, heck ya! he’s here to stay.

It’s pretty hard to argue with that decision, I mean didn’t you guys SEE how hot they were together?  It’d be hard to say no to that…

So the drama builds, as Kaitlyn-the-kisser’s other victims, holed up in a hotel room, get frustrated that one more man is going to be thrown into the mix.  I mean, they all get along (well mostly), which is kind-of weird, but this NEW GUY, I mean, ew, who wants to deal with one more guy?  At least that’s the sentiment in the hotel room.

The whole situation is weird, I mean, in real life, you’re competing with potentially billions of suitors, so why do you care if one more guy is coming in?

Well, some of the guys said it best, if she REALLY IS into you, then why would she bring in a new guy?  EXACTLY.  Smart guys.  She ISN’T really into you, she likes her options.  I guess she’s a player in her own right, dare I say a female Juan Pablo?  (Ew, yuck, spit, even saying that misogynist’s name makes me cringe!)  No, I don’t think she’s that bad, I do think she’s enjoying the chance to meet and date (and kiss) multiple guys though.

What do you think?





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