Apple Watch, New Ads, Nicely Done


Suzanne Coleman

Just found this article:

where you can watch the three new Apple Watch ads.  It’s funny because just last night I was thinking they needed to do ads with a human experience aspect, and voila, there they are!  Nicely done, too.

After I watched the last one, I said to myself, I need that watch!  Seriously.

NOTE:  I own Apple stock, but this wasn’t biased by that.

Apple Watch Demo on Packaging, Real, or Fake?


Suzanne Coleman had an article today which included a link to a youtube video that appears to show the “unboxing” of the Apple Watch.  I am attaching the link below for you so that you can go and take a look.  I am not sure if this is legitimate or not.  The watch appears to be real based on how it works, but I question the packaging as the box inside of the box isn’t secure and almost falls open as it is removed from the outer white box.

When I clicked on the link to see the original video I was brought to a much longer video which said it was for a “fake” Apple Watch (I did not watch this video).

The cool thing is that this clip shows the metal loop watch band (Milanese) and how it magnetically attaches at the wrist.  If this is the real thing it looks great and like it would be fun to wear.

Here is the link:

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