Apple Watch, in Pictures

I wanted to update my thoughts on the upcoming new product the Apple Watch.  Today I was able to take a look at some images of the Watch in its different versions, and I found some of them to be attractive.  Of course, my favorite was the “Edition” Watch, which is going to be insanely (well, for me) expensive… it is estimated (i.e. rumored) that it will cost around $10,000.

You can see pics of the Watches online at the MacRumors site here:

Looking at the pic of the watch on a man’s arm, I still find it too be too big and clunky for my taste, but maybe the colorful versions will be more attractive.  The site says that Apple is likely going to allow owners to interchange watch bands so that they can have multiple looks for one device.  I like that idea!  MacRumors has gathered quite a bit of good information on the product, take a look for yourselves.

What do you think?  Are you ready to stand in line to be one of the first to own and wear the all-new Apple Watch?

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NOTE:  I own shares of Apple (AAPL) stock.


Apple Watch, will it bomb or will it be THE BOMB?


Suzanne Coleman


I want to talk about the Apple Watch for a minute.  What do you all think?  Will it be the success that some are saying?  I am wondering because I haven’t heard anyone talking about it at all.  As an owner of the stock, I hope it does well, but I personally don’t see the appeal.  I mean, the idea of it was cool, but the execution?  I’m not so sure.

The fact that you will need to have your iPhone in your pocket, or bag, in order for the watch to do anything, kind of negates the whole concept of an easier way to access your programs, doesn’t it?  I mean, how hard is it really to pull out the phone and use it vs. having this clunky, not very attractive giant square on your wrist?  I don’t really see it being a big fashion accessory either.  Maybe after the ad-bomb I’m sure they’re planning for the sales push people will be all over how “cool” it looks, but I’m not convinced that that would work either.

I guess I can see it making life a bit easier for some who are using certain functions a lot.  It will keep your hands relatively free, so if  you were on the go and needed to call someone or check your stocks or something, it might be an advantage.  Maybe I’ll need to try one out to see if it’s really all that or not…

Now that I think about it, if they had one all in red, with the band and the screen red, with a ring of silver trim around the screen, where the screen stays red until you touch it…  That I might buy.  IF it made my life easier, and not more complicated.

What do you think guys?



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