Looking for meaning, the meaning of life


Suzanne Coleman

I was one of those intellectual types, always thinking, searching, wondering.  Wondering things like, “What is the meaning of life?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?”  I searched for meaning for decades, and then, when I was 42, it hit me.

The meaning of life is love.

Or, more specifically, being in love with someone with whom you want to have kids.  The meaning of life is the same for us as it is for all other living things, we exist to reproduce.  There is no higher or grander meaning, though our lives can certainly have more depth.  We exist to fall in love, to mate and have kids; we exist to perpetuate the species.

On the one hand it’s not a very romantic realization, but on the other hand, it is.



  1. You are just so right. But the love, it’s called happiness. I have it- without the kids. And…anyway, my thoughts on this are the same as what I always say. “Be good to Self. Care for Earth. Love Fellow Human.”

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