Be in the Know!


Suzanne Coleman, MD

Knowledge is power.  Educate yourself on these issues, and help spread the word to help end the abuses of others here and around the world.

The enslavement and abuse of humans by others for their own personal gain (sociopathic behaviors) can and does happen everywhere, everyday, so be aware and speak out against it when you can!  Link:


Social abuses of women and girls negatively impacts them, their families, and their societies when they are unable to access their education, focus on India:


Step up, speak out, help.

Reality Check

by, Suzanne Coleman, MD


Women and girls are the biggest group of oppressed and abused people in the US and around the world, yet no one talks about it. Every day three women are murdered in the US and no one cares about it. There are no marches, no news reports. Silence. That needs to end.  Speak up.  Speak out.  Don’t be silenced.



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