Apple’s Earnings are out, and they’re good


Suzanne Coleman

According to’s live blog (which was the first to release the numbers this afternoon), Apple reported the following for its second quarter earnings:

earnings:  $2.33/share

revenue:  $58 billion

Sales, in millions:

iPhones   61.2

Macs  4.6

iPad  12.9

Watch not reported

Capital return program increased to $200 billion which increases the dividend to 52 cents per share.

The earnings, revenue and capital return program all beat expectations.  Earnings were expected to be $2.16 and revenue $56.06 billion.

Apple was up to $135 or so after the report and has pulled back slightly now to 134.40.

iPhone sales were 40% over last year’s sales per Brandon Bailey at AP.  Last quarter was also a 40% increase in sales, overall.  So that would put the stock on track to be currently priced at around $137 per share.

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