Yahoo Finance charts, still not working


Suzanne Coleman

Well, if Yahoo cared about customer satisfaction, I’d be able to submit my concerns to them directly.  But since they don’t, I’ll post them here for all of the world to enjoy.

Yahoo’s Finance charts are not working, again.  You basically cannot place any faith in any of the charts or numbers that they present as they are often wrong.  It’s unfortunate since I have been a user of this service for almost 20 years now.

Today, their graph of the day’s activity shows no data points, over an hour after markets have been open.  No graph, at all.  I wonder if they do any quality control over there, or if all of the employees are secretly playing with video games, or themselves.

Must be nice for Yahoo’s tens of thousands of employees to have a job and never be held accountable for their product, reminds me a lot of the US government.  Personally, I have ethics and honor (I know, many people have never even heard of that) and their lack of respect for the consumer would never fly with me, nor would the failure to maintain a highly functional and reliable product.  Embarrassing.


  1. Yeah….what you said.


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