“Empire” Ends its First Season, People are Sobbing in the Streets

Empire Gossip, framed


Suzanne Coleman

Last Wednesday night was the season finale of “Empire,” a new hit drama on Fox.  Watched by millions, viewers are already going through serious withdrawals.  I have had huge numbers of desperate fans flocking to my website today to try and find out if “Empire” was on last night.  I have to disappoint them and tell them, no, I’m sorry, it wasn’t.  Last Wednesday was the special two-hour season finale!

From what I have heard, “Empire” will be returning this fall with ALL NEW episodes filled with drama and insanity!  If you need more of a fix before then, you can always follow them on facebook and watch the episodes online at www.fox.com.

What is your favorite thing about “Empire?”  I know, it’s hard to pick!  Let me know in the comments.  I think Cookie’s comments are pretty off the hook.

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